Hispanic died after stabbing two police officers who responded to calls for domestic violence in New York

The 56-year-old man who was shot to death after stabbing two police officers who responded to a domestic violence call on Wednesday in Medford, Long Island (NY) was identified as Enrique López.

the police of the suffolk county said that Lopez had served two years in prison for assaulting another law enforcement officer on an uncertain date and had some possible mental health problems.

Yesterday Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison held a news conference outside Stony Brook University Hospital, where the two stabbed officers are now being held in stable condition.

One of them was still on a ventilator, Harrison said. Their names have not been released. “By the grace of God, these officers will return home with their loved ones,” said the police chief, quoted by Fox News.

The two officers were stabbed after responding to a call at the Birchwood Road condominium complex in Medford. Around 5 pm on Wednesday a social worker checking on two residents called 911 saying that one of them was acting violent towards the other.

Apparently Lopez was threatening the other resident with a fire extinguisher, Commissioner Harrison said. He then he took out the responding officers a “Rambo style” meat cleaver and then stabbed two of them soon after. In response, the officers opened fire on the man, killing him.

One of the officers suffered a deep stab wound to clavicle and was airlifted to the hospital, Harrison said. The other officer was stabbed multiple times in the chest.

In a similar case, $3 million in compensation was decided last week in NYC for the mother of Khiel Coppin, an 18-year-old teenager with mental illness who died in a hail of police bullets after NYPD officers mistook a hairbrush with a gun responding to his Brooklyn home in 2007.

Last January, a similar situation had a reverse ending: young hispanic police officers Wilbert Mora y Jason Rivera shot while responding to a call from a mother denouncing domestic violence by her son in Harlem. The case motivated the visit of President Joe Biden to New York to participate in the funerals.

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