The Big Apple prepares for a great New Year’s party in Times Square, without any restrictions

The iconic celebration of New Year’s Eve and New Year of Times Square has been planned without any pandemic restrictionsat 100% of its capacity and without vestiges of “credible fear” that threatens the tranquility of thousands of attendees, expected this Saturday, December 31in the center of Manhattan.

Already on Thursday, thousands of people were passing through the so-called ‘crossroads of the world’ just to have a preview and connect with the energy, of what will be the famous ball drop and the party that announces the arrival of 2023. An event that will be seen by millions of people around the world on television and social networks, but for tourists who came to enjoy it, it means a great “dream come true”seen with his own eyes.

This is how he describes it Mexican Alvaro Sanchez, who arrived last weekend with his family to witness with his little son the reception of a new year. Right in the same place as her for years she only watched in movies.

“We finally did it. Due to the pandemic we had to postpone it. But everything is perfect, because that way our son is bigger and he can enjoy it better”, commented Alvaro, while taking photos in the bright and congested square, to recognize the space where he will attend “without a doubt” to the central show to receive the new year.

This Thursday, the rain of little papers that will accompany the arrival of 2023 was tested in the iconic New York plaza. (Photo: Courtesy Times Square Alliance)

no fears

This tourist, born in Querétaro, did not care that recently the news received in the world about crime in New York City, continue to fill many people with fear. Especially on an axis where a density of people similar to pre-pandemic levels is expected.

This Mexican visitor also ignored comments that the generalized inflation turned the Big Apple in an “unreachable” city.

“Obviously it is much more expensive than any city in the country. And of course you have to be careful. But so far everything has been perfect. !Good worth it! We observe a lot of security in the tourist areas. There are risks everywhere.” commented.

Indeed, in any space on the grid of the most famous square in the world, the presence of police officers, canine brigades, patrols and surveillance, are difficult to hide.

Although it is expected that this Friday the New York City Police Department (NYPD) will offer the details of the security operation, which will mark this celebration, Joseph Gallucci head of the Counterterrorism Division of this police forcetold local media that attendees can only wait that night, one thing: “fun”.

“People must know and have confidence that it is going to be a safe event. NYPD but also all our local, state and federal partners are aligned so that No one has to worry about their safety.”indicated the head of the Uniformed.

Gallucci finished off by warning that obviously in this edition of one of the most famous New York parties and gatherings, much more people are expected than the two previous years defined by the pandemic.

“But it doesn’t matter if we’re bringing a thousand people or millions of people. Our security strategy is the same. And up to this minute there is no credible threat.”indicated.

The New Year’s party in NYC is expected to return in its massive splendor after two years of restrictions. (Photo Courtesy Times Square Alliance)

Total capacity

Last year, the advance of the omicron variant of COVID-19 was about to “spoil the party” in Times Square, for the second year in a row. However, a concentration that usually brings together 100,000 people, it was planned for only 15,000 people. Attendees also had to show proof of vaccination.

it’s 2022, there is no protocol beyond following the safety regulations. Also, after the freezing Christmas cold, the temperature on Saturday night is forecast to be just below 50 degrees. There is also a 50% chance of rain.

Precisely moved by this panorama of “return to normality”, the Colombian Julio Rodriguez who lives in Canada, also came to see the “drop of the ball”, to welcome a new year with his partner.

“It’s very exciting to be back in New York, especially when so much is being said. But I really see a city better than I expected”.

The Colombian Julio Rodríguez came to have a great time in Times Square. (Photo: F. Martinez)

NY is back

Julio lived in the Big Apple until 1995, but had never had the opportunity to witness this event. That is why he was looking for information on the best way to enjoy this “event” this Thursday.

“As everywhere you have to be aware of your belongings. You have to know how to take care of yourself. But the most important thing is that we see here in the surroundings a lot of vigilance. And that’s great,” she said.

In the midst of a human tidal wave that surrounded the epicenter of the Big Apple, the organizers were still adjusting the details of an event that above all things, will try to tell the world that the New York City “is back.”

This Thursday, among many other activities, they tested the confetti (rain of paper) that will fall on Times Square, when the clock strikes midnight.

A test crew dropped piles of confetti between 45th and 46th streets as a small sample of what will happen when 2023 arrives.

It is estimated that some 3,000 pounds of confetti will fill the air for the grand celebrationincluding thousands of wishes written on paper that were sent on the New Year’s Eve wish wall.

Under this “test” the Dominican Carelis Alcalá, who works in a nearby hotel, assures that he prefers to feel the party “a few hours before”, because as a resident of the city, he will spend it at home with his family.

“It is a visitor event. And I know it’s very pretty. I came many years ago and the organization is magnificent. But I prefer to leave my space to the visitors. We who live here who have had such a bad time with the economywe want the tourists to return, to fill the hotels and restaurants”, reasoned the islander.

As for the ball measuring 12 feet in diameter, which will roll around the Times One Tower under the excited gaze of millions around the world, this year it will have a special motif called “Gift of love”.

“The anticipation for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations is greater than ever,” he said. Tom Brennan, Master Craftsman and Spokesperson for Waterford Crystal, the company in charge of manufacturing this global emblem of the new year.

As is now a tradition, the ball drop can be seen along Broadway, from 43rd Street to 50th Street. It can also be seen along Seventh Avenue to north of 59th Street.

NYPD left no space unguarded on the eve of this massive event. (Photo: F. Martinez)

Attention drivers!

Logic indicates that like all massive events in the Big Apple, this day is especially recommended after six in the afternoon, use the public transport, because many streets in downtown Manhattan will be closed. And naturally with high traffic congestion.

The party starts in Times Square in Manhattan, around 6 pm Before the event, NYPD will close streets around Times Square. Specifically, streets in the area bounded by 59th Street to the north, 38th Street to the south, Eighth Avenue to the west, and Sixth Avenue to the east will be closed.

Vehicles are likely to have trouble getting across town in this part of Manhattan after 3 p.m., he confirmed. Times Square Alliance.

How can you see it in person?

  • The entrance is totally free. For more details see:
  • The entry points will be established at: South of 41st Street. On 38th Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenues. On 49th street from Sixth and Eighth avenues. On 52nd street from Sixth and Eighth avenues and 56th street between the same avenues.
  • The nearest subway stop es Times Square-42nd Street.
  • Given the number of people at that station on New Year’s Eve, it is recommended to get off at a station close and walk

The data:

1 billion people On average, they watch the displacement of the luminous ball in Times Square on television all over the world.

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