NYC authorities extend emergency plan in the face of freezing temperatures and dangerous weather

with thermometer descending to less than 12 degreesrains that generated flooding, and forecast snow, in the midst of the cyclone bomb that affects a good part of the country, New York City Emergency teams are preparing to deal with the situation.

A call for alert and caution was issued this Friday before Christmas Eve by the New York authorities, after the severe rains and strong winds that they hit the five counties. The panorama became more serious, after the dramatic drop in the thermometer, which in a matter of hours went from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees during the day this Friday, and as the hours go by the thermometer will mark 12 degrees, which with the winds could feel at 5 degrees.

And in the midst of the freezing temperatures that the end of Christmas and Christmas Eve will have the Big Apple shivering with cold, and dangerous conditions on the roads, municipal authorities, without the presence of the mayor Eric Adamsassured that they are prepared to attend to the climate emergency, but asked New Yorkers to maintain precautions.

So he warned Emergency Management Commissioner Zachary Iscolwho mentioned that different City agencies are working together to deal with the emergency.

“This is a difficult weather event and it could get worse with the floods,” said Commissioner Iscol, while highlighting the work that various agencies have done to weather the storm. “It’s going to be much colder and that change in temperature leaves us very concerned about the people who are in our streets.”

Iscol He stated that within the efforts made to deal with eventual snowfall and icy weather, the Department of Sanitation will distribute more than 20 million pounds of salt on the roads, the NYPD joint traffic management center will be activated to track the impact on the roads and will be very attentive to the floods that arise.

This Friday impacts had already been reported in areas of Staten Island and parts of Queens, such as Rockaways and Howard Beach, areas visited by municipal authorities throughout the day and where emergency aid centers will open, in Hamilton Beach and Rockaways.

The Vice Mayor Lorraine Grillo He assured that despite the fact that the Mayor is on vacation for two days, they have “been talking constantly throughout the day” about the emergency plans they are organizing.

In its effort to protect the most vulnerable populations in the Big Apple, including the homeless and the elderly, the Department of Social Services issued the “Blue code”which works to get those at risk off the streets, and increases communication with care centers for the elderly.

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