Drunken New York banker arrested after punching MTA worker in the face

A drunken banker punched a transit worker at a Brooklyn subway station, before she hit him back with her bag of groceries when her co-workers cornered the man and called the police.authorities reported on Sunday.

The suspect identified as Jean Francois Coste53, was at the Stillwell Avenue station in Coney Island at about 12:15 midnight when hit the 56-year-old train operatorthe police explained.

The victim, Tanya McCray, was starting her shift and had just left the “crew room” on the station’s public mezzanine when Coste, a senior equity analyst at Tocqueville Asset Management, tried to get in, the TWU Local 100 representative said. .

“It is not a public area,” said the union spokesman. “Apparently he was drunk. He pushed the door so it clicked shut, and he punched him in the face at least twice.”

The woman, a 21-year veteran of the MTA and a train operator, defended herself from the man’s punch and began hitting him with her food bag, which had a thermos inside, leaving Coste with a black eye and several scratches.

After another worker helped her, the banker fled on the subway platform.

“All the crew room workers come out and run after him,” the spokesperson said. “He got on a train and the transit workers cornered him.”

Coste was arrested and accused of attacking a transit employee, harassment and threats. He was released without bail, and his next court hearing is scheduled for March.

McCray revealed that the attack surprised her.

“I didn’t see him hit me,” he said through the union. “I didn’t see the hit, it happened very fast.”

The woman, who suffered from bruises, was taken to a nearby hospital, saying she hopes Coste is punished.

“I just hope that justice is done,” McCray said. “I hope he sees jail time. It’s not fair that people think they can attack us and that’s fine. Not well. We’re just here to do our job.”

For his part, the Transit Workers Union plans to make a show of force during the banker’s presentation, the representative reported.

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