More snow forecast this week for New York and several central and eastern states

Rain and light snowballs fell on New York Citybut towards Queens and Long Island the accumulation of snow was greater, between one and two inches.

Upstate the drop was even higher, up to four inches, as were areas in several states, including southern New England, as well as Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Although more snow is expected this Monday, the accumulation will not be as high as in the center and west coast of the country, where the weather has severely impacted with up to 12 inches in states like South Dakota and Nebraska.

However, the minimal accumulation on the east coast is also a concern on state highways, so caution is suggested.

It is also suggested to be careful of temperatures that will drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

New snowfalls expected in the Big Apple and the metropolitan area starting Wednesday, according to the New York Weather Service report.

The severe weather is due to two “mini” storm systems traveling from the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic, experts say.

The weather will range from light to heavy rain, winds, up to snowfall of a maximum of three inches, according to estimates.

“Some areas may not have gotten much snow this winter yet…So whenever snow falls, it’s always shocking,” Bob Oravec, a Weather Service meteorologist told The New York Times.

The conditions could cause slippery floors, so people are advised to take precautions when walking and driving.

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