‘Murderers of All’: 18 Gang Members Indicted for Wave of Violence in New York, Including Murder of Hispanic and Shooting Outside House of Congressman Lee Zeldin

Eighteen members of the ‘No Fake Love’ (NFL) street gang have been arrested on Long Island in connection with a series of at least 31 incidents of violence., including the shooting death of a Latino youth and several other shootings.

Among the 18 detainees there is an unidentified woman and a Hispanic teenager, 17-year-old Kevin Cabrera, a resident of Shirley (NY). Ten of the defendants were arrested last Thursday, 7 were already in custody and the last one was arrested yesterday. The complete list can be verified in the report of Fox News.

A 148-count indictment covering 31 incidents, including shootings in the Mastic/Shirley area of ​​the suffolk county. The gang is also suspected of armed robberies of cars and puppies, and people on foot.

One of the shootings took place outside the home of Representative Zeldin on October 9, when he was the Republican candidate for governor of New York. At the time, the congressman pointed to the shooting of two teenagers in front of his house as another example that it was necessary to change the controversies bail reform laws. Noah Green was charged with that double shooting.

Raymond A. Tierney, Suffolk County Attorney, said yesterday that gang leaders were actually directing the violence from prison. They called themselves ‘killers of all’, which means that they were willing to kill anyone and everyone who disrespected them or got in their way.”

Tierney said that they stole cars to commit shootings and then sold them when they finished using them. And he added that they are affiliated with the Crips and Blood street gangs. “This is a gang that is based on territory; By that I mean most are members of more traditional gangs like the Bloods and Crips, but they are also affiliated with the NFL.”

The aforementioned homicide took place on December 5, 2021, in front of the “Minx” nightclub in Farmingville. There, apparently, a gang member argued with Jorge Barrara (28) and killed him in the parking lot of the “Tiffany Plaza” shopping center. Two other people were shot.

The alleged gunman, identified as David Trent and also known as ‘Sosa’ and ‘DJ’, shot from a pickup truck as the group fled the scene. The video of the incident was released at the press conference from yesterday.

All charges are mere accusations and those charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

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