New York Families EBT Card Scam Alert

Thousands of New York City families claim they have been stealing money from their SNAP benefitsand when they report these crimes to state and municipal agencies to intervene, they supposedly do nothing to reverse the situation or find the culprits.

Families have turned to New York Assemblyman Khaleel Anderson for help. They realize they don’t have money on their EBT cards, that they have their SNAP benefitswhen they go shopping. So Anderson on Tuesday demanded refunds as soon as possible.

For her part, Rockaways resident Lakisha Martinez, 50, stated that she went to buy snacks for her grandchildren at the grocery store with her EBT card and to her surprise her balance was zero when she swiped the card at the register.

The money stolen from Martinez’s card in July was $900. The woman uses that money to help herself and her four grandchildren.

On the other hand, Anderson said that his office is receiving dozens of calls with the same case of Martínez. The assemblyman alleges he is seeing a worrying increase in benefits fraud, and his voters are becoming victims of “card theft.”

Anderson says that more than 2,200 families could be affected by the theft of their EBT cards. So she went to city, state and federal agencies to seek answers last fall. He stated that the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) is the agency in charge.

In addition, an OTDA representative informed PIX11 News the next:

“OTDA takes any report of benefit theft seriously and continues to work closely with local, state and federal authorities to provide any information they require that will help bring perpetrators to justice.”

“EBT card users should remain vigilant about this type of theft by checking their account for suspicious activity, regularly changing their PIN, and closely inspecting all retailer terminals for signs of tampering before swiping their card.” added.

The benefits offered are a palliative for low-income New Yorkers like Martinez.

For the moment, Martínez affirmed that he has not been reimbursed for the lost money and that the lack of it is devastating for his family.

Anderson urged people who have similar problems with their EBT card benefits to contact the proper authorities and call his office for help.

Anyone in the public who believes their money may be stolen is asked to contact Mone’t Schultz, Anderson’s deputy chief of staff, at 917-426-6199. Additionally, they can email OTDA at [email protected]

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