Work begins on the Metro-North Penn Station project that will connect the Bronx with Manhattan faster

The inhabitants of The Bronx will be able to connect faster with Manhattan and even with the state of Connecticut, through the proyecto Metro-North Penn Stationwhich will expand the rail transport service from 2027, and this Friday the construction works were officially inaugurated.

This was announced by the state governor, Kathy Hochul, who in the company of New York leaders such as Senator Charles Schumer, and congressmen Ritchie Torres and Alexandría Ocasio-Cortez, gave the first shovelfuls of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Amtrak project, to via the New Haven line.

During the official start of construction work, which will include four stations less than a mile away, the state president assured that close to 500,000 Bronx residents will benefit from the new works, a good part of them Latinos, since the 54% of the inhabitants of that county are Hispanic.

“We are bringing modern, safe and reliable public transportation to the communities of the East Bronx, and with it, more economic opportunities for New Yorkers,” said Governor Hochul. “Penn Station Access will not only dramatically reduce travel times, but will also help connect hundreds of thousands of residents and boost local economies.”

The president also said that the rail service will save those who take it to Manhattan an average of 50 minutes a day in daily travel times and revealed that the new stations will be in Hunts Point, Parkchester/Van Nest, Morris Park y Co-Op City.

Jan dear, president and MTA CEO He stressed that the new works will make it easier for communities living in the Bronx to access transportation, while generating a positive impact in other areas.

Penn Station Access It’s a game changer for a huge, private transit swath of the Bronx. 500,000 residents live just one mile from the four new stations Metro-North, and many more if you look throughout the service area,” the official said. “This project means dramatically shorter commutes and life-changing access to jobs, education, healthcare and everything else New York has to offer.”

The Borough President The Bronx, Vanessa Gibsonreceived the beginning of the works with great optimism and stated that it is a sign of the commitment of the authorities with equity in traffic issues for his county, seriously affected by the lack of transportation opportunities.

“For a long time, Eastern The Bronx has been at a disadvantage when it comes to transit access, but these four new Metro-North stations will make it easier for riders to travel to their destinations and help eliminate transit deserts in our county,” the policy said.

Although the project has generated good receptivity among the residents of The Bronx, one of the criticisms that has come to light has to do with the plan to finance improvements to Penn Station through the construction of 10 mega-towers of commercial office space.

“While we are pleased to see the Governor put public transportation first in Penn Station today, she must also immediately commit to doing so for years to come by abandoning her misguided plan to put development first in the area surrounding Penn Station,” assured Diana Gonzalezcampaign manager Trains Before Towers.

“This plan puts mega-towers ahead of commuter improvements by building 18 million square feet of luxury office space that we don’t need. It’s time for the Governor to scrap this plan and listen to transit advocates, planners and everyday New Yorkers who demand a plan for Penn be financially soundthat fixes Penn Station and benefits the community,” added the activist.

The Governorate explained that to expand train service, the existing Amtrak Hell Gate line will be used to reach Penn Station, in order to lessen the impact of construction on surrounding communities. They also highlighted that in September of last year, the Federal Transit Administration revealed a report stating that there will be no significant impact with the works.

Datos de Metro-North Penn Station Access

  • The project would significantly reduce travel time
  • 50 minutes would be saved by passengers from The Bronx traveling to Penn Station
  • Those traveling to Connecticut would save 75 minutes
  • It would take 25 minutes to travel from 25 The Bronx to Penn Station
  • 2027 is the year in which the entire project would be completed
  • 4 new stations in the Bronx will be built with the project
  • 500,000 Bronx residents would benefit

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