A musical “party” will take over the Lehman Center in the Bronx

Working, this is how José Alberto “El Canario” will celebrate the December dates, and to start his busy schedule, the Dominican salsa singer will be visiting the city this weekend.

“It is almost a habit for El Canario to be at the Lehman Center celebrating Christmas,” says the singer about the show that he will have this Saturday, December 3 on the Bronx stage.

On this occasion, he will be performing together with the groups La Gran Manzana and El Grupo D’Ahora, in the event dubbed “El Parrandón de La Gran Manzana”.

“I am super happy to present myself with The Big Apple after so many years without acting together. We started singing in New York at the same time, in the late 80s, ”he recalls about the group.

The merengue orchestra will bring together the original members to start a celebration of its 40 years.

“It gives me a lot of emotion when we get together to do some activity because there is a lot of nostalgia and also in the public that has followed us and made us popular in New York,” singer, bassist, pianist and composer Henry Hierro recently told EFE.

In 1983, the group recorded their first record production “Henry, Víctor y La Gran Manzana”, but it was not until the release of their second album in 1984 when they achieved their first hits, such as “Mentirosa”, “Mole Mole” and “White Rose”. In 1985, they managed to catapult themselves as one of the most successful orchestras in the genre with the premiere of the album “El poder de New York” which included “Don’t follow me anymore”, “I Just Called” or “Por tu querer”.

“We will do a musical tour for the public to enjoy. It will be a beautiful night” assured Hierro about the concert in The Bronx.

El Canario, for his part, points out that the songs that he has made popular and that the public never ceases to acclaim, such as “Llego la Hora”, “Nothing Compares to You” and “Excuse Me Sir”, will be part of his repertoire. this Saturday, as well as some new songs that he is promoting, such as “Eso y Más”, a romantic salsa version of a Joan Sebastian song.

“And some Christmas theme that I always put together for this type of show,” he says. “All with great joy since we can finally have a break from everything we have been carrying for two years.”

The artist also celebrates being able to return to New York, which he calls “his home”.

“Here I was trained as an artist, here were my beginnings and here I continue to do presentations,” he said. “And this Saturday I return to Lehman.”

Grupo D’Ahora, a Dominican band founded in 2017 that specializes in typical merengue music with a modern touch, closes the triplet of artists that will be on the Lehman Center stage in this one-of-a-kind concert.

In detail:

What: Concert The Parrandón of the Big Apple

When: Saturday, December 3, at 8:00 pm

Where: Lehman Center for the Performing Arts- 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Bronx

Tickets: www.lehmancenter.org/events/parrandon-gran-manzana or by calling 718-960-8833

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