Actor died of overdose and body abandoned on New York street: Frank Vallelonga Jr

NYPD identified the body that was thrown from a car onto a street in the Bronx (NYC) as film actor Frank Vallelonga Jr.

Apparently the 60-year-old actor died of overdose of an unspecified substance, but the official cause of death has not been confirmed, he said. Daily News. He worked with Viggo Mortensen on the Oscar-winning film “Green Book” in 2019., partially based on the life of his father of the same name, who was also an actor.

The body had no documents, so it took a couple of days to be identified after being abandoned early Monday morning at the vecindario Hunts Point. The next day Police arrested 35-year-old Steven Smith on suspicion of concealing a human body, possession of a stolen vehicle and grand theft. He was released without bail after his arraignment in the Bronx Criminal Court.

Smith live in a homeless shelter in that county, according to police. Although he is accused of dumping the body, he was not involved in Vallelonga’s death, police sources said. “That guy was already dead,” the detainee told NYPD, according to the criminal complaint against him. “He had an overdose. I had nothing to do with it.”

The deceased was the son of the deceased Frank Vallelonga Sr. (1930-2013), former nightclub bouncer nicknamed “Tony Lip”, who accompanied black pianist Don Shirley as a bodyguard during a tour of the South in the early 1960s, the subject of the movie “Green Book.” he also had a recurring role on the legendary HBO series “The Sopranos,” then become an actor.

Her son’s body was discovered at 3:51 a.m. Monday after a 911 call reported a body outside a sheet metal factory on Oak Point Avenue near Barretto Street. Investigators determined that he had been thrown from the vehicle.

“I loved the boy. He was a great guy,” he told the Daily News, Vincent Pastore, star of “The Sopranos.” “The last time I saw Frankie, he came to one of my acting classes in town, about six months ago.”

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