New York “Torso Killer” Serial Killer to Plead Guilty to the Deaths of Five Long Island Women

The serial killer, better known as the “Torso Killer” for the way he dismembered his victims, will plead guilty to the murders of five Long Island women.

Richard Cottingham76, is serving a life sentence in New Jersey, where he was convicted of murdering six other women between 1967 and 1980.

The defendant is expected to admit to the rape and murder of dance teacher Diane Cusick in 1968, as well as the deaths of four other women in Nassau County in 1972 and 1973, it said. Newsday.

Cusick, 23, was found dead when she failed to return home from a trip to Green Acres Mall in Valley Extreme to buy some shoes. Cottingham was linked to the murder through DNA evidence, who was charged in June.

Anne Donnelly, the Nassau County district attorney, stated at the time that she believed it was the earliest discovery of DNA that led to a lawsuit in the United States.

The expected guilty pleas of the “Torso Killer” will take place in a Mineola court, who will appear virtually from the New Jersey jail where they are serving a life sentence.

Conttingham has been credited with at least 100 deaths, but has not been linked to most of them.

The homicides in which it has been linked include the murders of two women whose mutilated bodies, without heads or hands, were found in a motel near Times Square in December 1979.

One of the beheaded victims was identified as 22-year-old sex worker Deedeh Goodarzi, but the other woman has never been identified.

Conttingham was married with three children and was working as a computer programmer for a health insurance company in New York at the time of his arrest in 1980.

He was apprehended by authorities when a New Jersey motel maid heard a woman screaming inside her room, and police found the 18-year-old alive, but handcuffed and with knife wounds and a knife mark. teeth in the sinuses

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