NYPD shoots man in pursuit of stolen car in Bronx

Police officers shot and seriously wounded a man during a shooting near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Saturday night.the authorities declared.

The exchange of gunfire began around 11:45 p.m. when officers from the 30th Precinct responded to a 911 call reporting a stolen vehicle near W. 149th St. and Amsterdam Ave., according to the police report. NYPD.

While receiving the call, officers spotted another car driving recklessly, police patrol chief John Chell told a news conference.

An exhaustive search of the car led officers on a chase all the way to the Bronx, Chell explained.

Two suspects got out of the moving vehicle, which rolled backwards down a hill off W. 161 ST. and Summit Ave., a witness told the Daily News.

“The car ran down the hill and hit a parked vehicle,” said one man, who requested anonymity. “The airbags went off, the cops ran to the car and noticed it was empty and that’s when the cops came up the hill.”

“They realized that the guy ran across the bridge, so they started chasing him,” the witness added.

One of the criminals pulled out a gun and opened fire, according to Chell. The officers returned fire and the suspect ran away.

“I know the guy who was running was running for his life,” said the witness, who watched the incident unfold from a nearby rooftop.

About 10 minutes later, a helicopter spotted the man fleeing into the bayou off Exit 5 of the Major Deegan Freeway, the New York Police Department said.

“Maybe 10, 15 minutes passed and more police arrived,” the man recalled. “They ran across the bridge and you heard a bunch of gunshots.”

“The policemen just unloaded on him,” he added. “There were many shots.”

The criminal fired again at the officers and was struck by a bullet during the shootout, Chell explained. He did not specify how many shots the suspect was shot or to what part of the body.

“Immediately after he was shot, our officers physically picked up this man, pulled him to the side of the road to provide life-saving assistance,” Chell said.

An NYPD representative said Sunday morning that the 39-year-old was in critical condition at Lincoln Hospital.

The abandoned vehicle, described by a witness as a blue Honda, was on the scene after chaos, with a phone ringing off the hook from inside.

Officials arrested the second suspect in the car shortly before the shooting.

Charges for both are pending to be released.

“They were in a stolen car,” the witness reported about the suspects. “[No] it should have been to the extreme of that.”

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