Ecuadorians in New York are confident they can beat the Netherlands

Ecuadorians in the New York area hope to extend the Thanksgiving celebration until this Friday, when they say La Tri will win the match against the Netherlands.

More than 500,000 Ecuadorians reside in the New York Metropolitan Area, it is the second largest concentration outside the country after Madrid, Spain and in Queens County is where the main concentration of this community is found.

The enthusiasm is such that fans prepare family gatherings at homes, community and civic venues as well as in bars and restaurants, where capacity is practically exhausted due to the reservations made by fans to be comfortable and not miss the incidents of the game. .

“My dear Ecuador we are going to win. We have to move forward and show the world that it can be done,” said Julio Terán, from Cuenca, while he stocked up on groceries at a Corona supermarket.

Like Terán, many Ecuadorians have taken seriously the idea of ​​continuing the “Turkey Day” celebration by watching their team win the second World Cup match.

“There are moments like never before. The family and friends look forward to seeing our players take to the field, we feel immense joy” said Rosa Vinueza, also from southern Ecuador and a neighbor of Elmhurst.

The optimism is based on the excellent demonstration of performance and good football shown by the Ecuadorian team in the match in which they beat the Qatari team 2-0, at the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup last Sunday. There is a lot of enthusiasm and, above all, they trust that the youth of the players will be a decisive factor against the Netherlands team. The next match of the tricolor will be against Senegal on Tuesday 29, at 10:00.

The Ecuadorian soccer team is known nationally and internationally as the Tri or the Tricolor. To date, they have managed to qualify for 4 editions of the Soccer World Cup (2002, 2006, 2014, 2022).

Why A Clockwork Orange?

The Dutch team has been known by this nickname since the 1970s, due to the color of its uniform and the excellent level of play achieved in those years, total football,1 when it reached two consecutive World Cup finals, in which lost. She has participated in twelve editions of the World Cup, where she has been runner-up in three editions of the competition: 1974, 1978 and 2010; and was also a semifinalist in two other editions: 1998 and 2014.

Everyone dreams of victory

Ramón Vera, from Manabita, said that in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he lives, the atmosphere is one of great fellowship between Ecuadorians and Colombians.

Ramón Vera and his son Bryan Alejandro, in Elizabeth, NJ, ready for the game against the Netherlands.

“After the excellent opening match with Qatar where Enner Valencia shone with a brace, we made it clear that Ecuador is up for more. The national team is going to put up a tough fight this Friday when they face the Netherlands,” said Vera, married to a Puerto Rican and with two adult children who only talk about soccer for now.

For her part, Puerto Rican Ana, Ramón’s wife, who has two children who only talk about soccer, said that her family hopes things will go well this Friday.

“Not only are the 11 players facing the Netherlands, but 18 million Ecuadorians who are going to be supporting the Tri. We hope that the boys will be victorious to give us another joy… Let’s go my Ecuador of the soul!” Ana expressed. The family said they will meet friends at Rancho Mateo, a popular restaurant on Morris Avenue, in Elizabeth.

The Peruvian Matilde Soriano predicts that Ecuador will once again give joy to Latin Americans.

“We do not expect anything other than an Ecuadorian victory. We are aware that it will be a difficult match, but anything is possible. The best vibes to our brothers”, added Soriano.

“He who does not dream, does not achieve goals”

The keeper Xavier Alvarado said that he is getting ready with his family and friends to enjoy the game in a restaurant in the Bronx where he lives.

“We were pleased to see our team win on Sunday and this Friday we are sure that we can advance and advance to the next round. As an Ecuadorian I have a lot of optimism and hope to go far”.

Alvarado is a soccer player and manager of the “Manta Veteranos”, a team that has been playing in the leagues in Flushing Meadows for several decades.

“Let’s dream together to send these good vibes to the team, that of our beloved Ecuador, which has already made history by being the first in many things at the start of this world cup. He who does not dream, does not reach goals”, added Alvarado.

Along the same lines, Miguel Chávez, also a former soccer player and part of the “Manta Veteranos” board of directors, spoke.

The Chávez family, united in a single fist by the Tri.

“The Netherlands starts as a favorite because of its history. The Europeans will want to secure their place in the next round as they come with a lot of confidence… and Ecuador could take advantage of that. I think a draw would be a good result, but if we win, much better,” said Chávez, who lives in Mohegan Lake, north of New York City, where his large family, the Chávez Oramas, Chávez Rengifo and Méndez Chávez, They will meet this Friday to encourage the Tri.

A fellowship party

The activist Walther Sinche, founder of Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional, said that he anticipates a great celebration of fellowship.

At the headquarters of Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional in Queens.

“We are a big family and on the occasion of the World Cup Ecuador has unified immigrants of various nationalities, this is the great thing about soccer. Together with the Colombians, Peruvians and Central Americans from Queens, we are pushing for the victory against the Netherlands”.

Sinche, who also chairs the Andean Community Center, said that the organization’s headquarters located at 104th Street and Roosevelt Avenue will be open to welcome all who wish to enjoy the game.

In Jackson Heights, several Ecuadorian restaurants dress up in their best clothes for the date. A gigantic tricolor flag dominates the front of “Barzola”, the most popular restaurant located at 92-12 Avenida 37, whose administration said that, due to the lawsuit, there will only be guaranteed access for fans who have made a reservation.

Ceviche, fritada, encebollados and the traditional “bandera” – a combination of several dishes – are among the most requested bites in Ecuadorian cuisine these days, according to a bird’s-eye survey of restaurants.

In “La hueca manabita”, at 93-21, also on 37th avenue, flags and colorful garlands welcome, inside the screens ready for the show. In general, everything looks perfect in the Ecuadorian and, in general, Latin American sites and of all the nationalities that like soccer and more among those that are present in Qatar, such as the Mexican, Argentine, Uruguayan, Brazilian, Spanish and of course , the American.

there will be no holiday

The Ecuadorians were left without seeing their wish fulfilled that the Government declare as holidays and non-working days on which Ecuador plays against the Netherlands and Senegal, matches corresponding to Group A.

After the inaugural match that the Tricolor beat Qatar, messages addressed to the Government grew on social networks to officially give a work holiday for the following matches in the group stage.

Emotional celebration at the Consulate General of Ecuador, during the victory in the opening match.

Meanwhile, the Consulate General of Ecuador in New York announced that it will attend regularly.

“We have normal care for people who have an appointment by virtue of the fact that it is not an official state or federal holiday. Compatriots who have to pick up a passport and consular identification do not require an appointment,” said the consul general, Ambassador José Sandoval.

On Sunday during the opening match, the consulate called a fellowship meeting with several community leaders where the victory against Qatar was celebrated in style.

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