Ideas to decorate the Thanksgiving table

With very easy ideas that can be done at home in an inexpensive way, the decorator Waleska Martínez will teach you how to dress the Thanksgiving table.

“Everyone goes a little crazy thinking about what they’re going to do on Thanksgiving, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money, especially with the inflation we’re going through,” Martinez says.

The decorator shares her tricks in the first of a series of informative videos to help seniors enjoy the holidays in the best way.

Martínez teaches how, using materials and items available at discount stores or 99 cents, a beautiful table can be achieved.

“In everything you’re seeing here, no more than $25 dollars went,” he says in the video, before explaining the steps to create centerpieces and other decorations, transforming simple bases by painting them with spray paints in shades of gold, orange and white, typical of autumn.

And to make use of the same decorations, but already thinking about the Christmas Eve Dinner, Martínez shows how adding some extra pieces, in silver and red colors, a Christmas atmosphere is achieved.

“You can buy some clear glass containers, also found at dollar stores, and paint them on the inside with colored glue or regular paint, or on the outside with spray paint”, the decorator explains to the journalist Burma Ríos, in charge of conducting the videos.

Red napkins, “ferry lights”, bright trees of various colors, empty wine bottles, among other things, are also part of the elements that Martínez teaches to use to decorate.

The decorator says that she began to be interested in decoration from a very young age, inspired by her mother, who, as is the custom among Latinos, used to gather her large family every year to share the end of the year dates.

“When I had my daughters, I began to implement what I learned during the Christmas holidays,” says the Puerto Rican mother of four, who has made decorating her career.

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