Latina mother wants to change her name to “Jesus Christ Lucifer Obama”: New York judge forbade it

Nancy Evelina Torres Amos, mother of five children in New York, wanted to change her name to “Imperial Highness Archduchess Goddess JesusChrist Evilina Lucifer-Obama” (Imperial Highness Archduchess Goddess Jesus Christ Evilina Lucifer-Obama), but a judge prevented him from doing so.

Torres Amos, 43, first went to the Richmond County Civil Court in Staten Island last month searching for the new name, but court staff asked him to shorten the request to eight words because it was too long.

“They told me to fix it and shorten it,” he told the New York Post. So the Hispanic mother simplified her application to “JesusChrist Evilina Lucifer-Obama,” citing “personal preference” on court paperwork as her reason for wanting a new name.

But on that second chance civil judge Matthew Blum rejected the name change request on the grounds that it would cause “public alarm and undue stress”, informed the portal

“By assuming the name ‘Jesus Christ,’ is anyone expected to praise you? On the other hand, by assuming the name ‘Lucifer’, is one expected to avoid or reject it? Are you claiming to be a Daughter of God or a Prince of Darkness? Are you forcing a non-believer in any of these entities to accept the existence of these entities? Judge Blum mused in the court papers.

“Allowing this name change would place unwitting members of the public in the position of having to proclaim the religious beliefs [de Torres Amos]which may or may not agree with that person’s own beliefs,” the judge continued in his verdict.

Torres Amos, who said she grew up in orphanages and her children are currently in foster care, she’s not mad that her request was rejected twice. “It was enough for them to understand that I know who I am”, she asserted impetuously.

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