Pervert harassed girls on Snapchat and paid up to $500 with Amazon coupons: sentence for child pornography in New York

Bradley Garyn was sentenced to between 5 and 15 years in prison in Long Island (NY) for forcing girls to take photos sexually explicit of faces and feet through Snapchat, prosecutors announced Monday

Garyn, 29, received the indeterminate sentence from Suffolk County Judge Karen M. Wilutis after plead guilty to a number of charges related to the case of child pornography of 2020.

The now sentenced man admitted having attracted girls between 12 and 16 years old on the social media app, promising them $10 gift codes from Amazon in exchange for photos of their feet and their faces. The offer for increasingly explicit images increased, paying up to $500 dollarsthe Suffolk district attorney’s office said.

Melville’s Resident Pervert He also confessed to harassing the girls and then forcing them to send nude and sexually explicit photos and videos. of themselves, reported New York Post.

Garyn woke up the police radar in September 2020 after what a teenage girl reported that he had pressured her to send him obscene photos and videos through Snapchat. He was arrested in December of that year and his computers and telephones were confiscated.

“This is a scheme that, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common, and it is that adult men take advantage of younger girls (…) to make them send inappropriate photos and videos, including nude photos or videos involving sexual acts, through social networks. media,” said Timothy Sini, Suffolk County prosecutor at the time.

“They often engage in what we call ‘sextortion’, which is essentially threatening victims into sending these photos and videos or else the explicit images that were previously sent will be widely distributed by the perpetrator,” he added.

New York banned so-called “revenge porn” in 2019, in a project presented by Senator Mónica Martínez, of Salvadoran origin.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children alerted about an increase in child pornography cases during the pandemicdue to less school, sports and recreational activity, and the more time in front of the computer.

  • Sex crimes and “revenge porn” are rising via the internet for more people without leaving home, warns the New York Attorney General’s Office

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