Announcement of the opening of the Office of Puerto Rican Services in New York

Con more than 1 million Puerto Ricanslos Puerto Ricans they are one of the largest and most representative Latino populations in New York. And as a way of showing the commitment of the State towards that population of the Big Apple and other corners, Governor Kathy Hochul announced this Friday the reopening of the Office of Puerto Rican Serviceswhich will remain in The Bronx.

This was revealed by the state president from Puerto Rico, where he went in the company of other New York leaders to meet with community organizations and with the governor of the island, Pedro Pierluisi to show support that New York will continue to provide to the Boricuas.

The objective of the new office is that Puerto Ricans displaced by adverse situations that have led them to move to the Big Apple, such as hurricanes and storms that have hit the island, like Maria and Fiona, more easily obtain the documents that are required to receive public benefits and access to services.

“As home to one of the largest Puerto Rican populations in the United States, New York is taking steps to ensure that everyone in our state can access vital programs, services and benefits,” he said. the democratic president from the Island of Enchantment. “This new office will help ease the burden of locating important records and documents for Puerto Ricans in and around New York“.

The office of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in New York It will not only support Puerto Ricans from the five counties and other parts of the state, but also Puerto Ricans from nearby states to obtain copies of their birth certificates, marriage certificates and other documents required to access the benefits and services provided by the government.

This measure will facilitate the process Puerto Ricans like Ana Riverawho stated that, until now there was no direct support office for their community in terms of document processing, being able to obtain the necessary papers to claim aid has been a headache.

“Many of us left the island not because we wanted to but because we had no other option, and although we have found help in New York, when it comes to being able to apply for broader benefits, we are faced with the problem of not having an agency right here. to help us make copies of our documents that show that we are Puerto Ricans,” he said. the mother of the family

And it is that in the absence of an office of Puerto Rican Services in New York, immigrants from the island had to move to offices of the Federal Affairs Administration of Puerto Rico in other cities like Washington DC, Orlando, or even return to your country to request them directly.

Congressman from the Bronx Ritchie Torresof Puerto Rican origin, who was another of the promoters of the aid office in New York, stressed that the joint work alongside Governor Hochul and the president of Puerto Rico, managed to consolidate the new aid plan.

“Off the island, New York State has the largest population of Puerto Ricans in the United States. The presence of this office not only allows Puerto Rican residents to access important documentation, but also creates a space to build relationships between the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York and current residents of Puerto Rico.” said the congressman. “After Hurricanes Maria and Fiona, thousands of Puerto Ricans have come to New York to restart their lives after losing everything in natural disasters.”

The governor, Pedro Pierluisi, He mentioned that the agreement reached to bring the Office to New York is another way to continue strengthening ties with Puerto Ricans living in New York.
“Thus, we continue to improve the potential opportunities for social and commercial exchange between our two jurisdictions and promote the socioeconomic development of Puerto Ricans here and there,” said the Puerto Rican president.

NY Governor, Kathy Hochul during her visit to Puerto Rico

The Commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor, Roberta Reardonhighlighted that New York and Puerto Rico have a long history of mutual support and described the initiative as yet another testimony to that.

“Whether in natural disasters or building thriving green energy sectors, we are always there for each other. I am proud that NYSDOL can provide the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration an office that will increase access to services for thousands of Puerto Rican New Yorkers”said the official.

The Office will serve as a management entity for state and federal affairs, as well as for extension of official government services of Puerto Rico. In addition to issuing birth, marriage and death certificates, you will be able to offer driver’s records and identification and registration services. The office will be located at 400 East Fordham Road, in the Bronx..

The Governor also announced that she will assist the island in plans to enhance hurricane preparedness efforts with emergency generators for the island’s water infrastructure. To this end, the State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany will provide advanced and intensive training and evaluation programs for Puerto Rican emergency management officials.

“From the beginning of 2023, the personnel of the State Agency of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Transportation with experience in engineering and technical assistance will travel to Puerto Rico to provide annual maintenance to the emergency generators that support the island’s water and emergency response infrastructure,” secured the Governor’s office in New York.

About the new office in the Bronx, The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) assured that it “represents the Government of Puerto Rico before the federal, state, and local governments” and promotes the economic and public policy initiatives of the Government of Puerto Rico to achieve a better quality of life for citizens living in Puerto Rico, and advises to local government agencies and municipalities on matters of interest to Puerto Rico before the federal government.

Facts about the Office of Puerto Rican Services in New York

  • It was promoted by the Governor of Puerto Rico, the Governor of NY and Congressman Ritchie Torres
  • It will be located at 400 East Fordham Road, in the Bronx.
  • The office will help Puerto Ricans obtain copies of birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, and other documents required to access public benefits and services provided by the government.
  • For more information on the new office, visit the site:

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