First it was a dead Latino, now a tourist from Washington; New York on alert for possible attacks targeting gays

Two confirmed deaths and at least 14 more cases have put the New York Police on alert about possible attacks targeting gays in the Big Apple.particularly in the Hell’s Kitchen area.

Last April 21, Julio Ramireza 25-year-old Brooklyn social worker, was found dead in the back of a taxi the Lower East Side of Manhattan, after visiting several bars near Times Square.

The young man was seen leaving a bar with two men, but the investigations indicate that he was the victim of an assault, after being drugged.

It seemed like an isolated case of drug assault and murder.but then three more people reported similar mode of operation.

Now it is revealed that there is another confirmed case of a death and 14 more people who have reported similar events, but managed to survive.

The mother of one of the victims told NBC News that her son may have been one of the targets of the perpetrators, after he was found dead after spending a night in a Hell’s Kitchen bar.

“Literally enjoy being in the greatest city in the world, but don’t let yourself be alone, not for one minute,” said Linda Clary.

The NBC report indicates that NYPD confirms investigations are ongoing for both men.

However, Clary said that detectives are also investigating 14 other victims with similar stories.

“He also said that people are also investigating other deaths,” according to the report.

Clary’s son John Umberger, was visiting on May 28when the group ended up at the Q NYC on Eighth avenue.

After that, Umberger, 33, was last seen leaving the club with two unidentified men and was later found dead.

About $25,000 was stolen from her bank account and credit cards, the mother said.

“There’s definitely a system of being high, whether it’s drinking something or needles or whatever, that renders the person immobile to defend themselves… And erases your memory,” Clary said.

The report adds that the forensic doctor continues to work on the report of the two confirmed deaths in similar events.

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