Sick Hispanic grandmother was lost and appeared by “a miracle” in New York

Milagros Santos, a 75-year-old Dominican grandmother who suffers from dementia, was being sought after she disappeared at noon on Monday in the Bronx (NYC).

The lady, who is also diabetic, She was last seen making a purchase at a Key Food supermarket using her granddaughter Gabriella Butler’s card. Her cameras caught her leaving the establishment located at 256th Street and Riverdale Avenue, after she left her cell phone at home.

Apparently NYPD dogs tracked the grandmother’s scent to a bus stop in Riverdale. One of her daughters, Josie Santos, believes her mother may have tried to move to a apartamento familiar en Washington Heights. “It is possible that I took the wrong bus,” he initially told Pix11.

After hours of family anguish, the police reported last night that Mrs. Santos had been found “in good condition,” reported Norwood News.

His daughter said that The anguishing wait had a good end thanks to “a miracle”, as she was seen by a social worker in the rain. It turned out that Santos had taken an express bus to the East Side of Manhattan, where the storm caught her last night.

“I was soaked and frozen” said his daughter. “She fell and bruised her lip and scraped her legs… A social worker saw her and noticed that she was cold and disoriented.” She called the police and then they noticed that she had been reported missing.

Santos moved to New York in the 1960s from the Dominican Republic and speaks only Spanish. She is the mother of five children. The New York police released a poster showing a family photo of Santos and a surveillance image of her leaving the “Key Food” supermarket.

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