They ask Governor Hochul to release thousands of elderly and sick prisoners, granting clemency

“Clemency, clemency, clemency”is the request that dozens of protesters, relatives of inmates and advocates are doing to the Governor Kathy Hochul to release thousands of inmates who meet the conditions for pardon, due to their age, their health condition and redemption.

This was requested during a demonstration at the office of the state president and in other parts of the state of New York, in which they urged the Democratic politician to fulfill her commitment to expand the use of executive clemency.

In the midst of the call, the protesters recalled that every three days an inmate is dying in jails and explained that according to the New York State Constitution, the Governor has the authority to grant clemency to prisoners.

José DiLenola, from the organization “Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)“He stressed that clemency is an opportunity to right the wrongs of mass incarceration and improve the safety of all New Yorkers and called on Hochul to provide that benefit on an ongoing basis.

“Many New Yorkers are concerned about the violence. It is a farce that generations of elders, particularly Black and Latino elders, those best able to lead violence-interruption initiatives, languish in prison for no reason. Governor Hochul it must remain committed and grant more clemencies, and do so on an ongoing basis, to help heal our communities,” the activist warned.

jeannie coloncommunity leader of RAPP Bronx He assured that all inmates who have gone through the prison system deserve a second chance.

Governor Hochul He can grant clemencies and make dreams come true for families every day. That is truly amazing power. She has the lives of people in her hands, because thousands are serving life sentences that are actually death sentences, ”said the Latina leader. “She Open your fist and give people a chance to go home. Mercy is hope. Mercy is life.”

Caroline Hansenof the Long Island RAPP Campaign, who has had her husband behind bars for 26 years, said that Governor Hochul and the system must take into consideration the change and redemption that inmates have with the passing of their sentences in order to release them.

“Without mercy, my husband will die in prison, as the State has planned for him. That is heartbreaking and drives our family to fight not only for him, but for other families like ours. My husband, like so many inside, has long since transformed, ”said the protester. “People need to take responsibility for the harm they have caused and do the hard work of transforming their thoughts and behaviors, but the worst five minutes of your life shouldn’t seal your fate forever (…). We need Governor Hochul to keep her promise and grant more clemency.”

According to the protesters, currently throughout the state of New York there are approximately 31,000 people in prisons eligible for leniency and only one of them has been tried as well as 9 pardons for inmate cases they had already been released.

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