Video: Deer crashes through the window of a nursing home in New York causing a huge ruckus

A skittish deer entered a New York nursing home, causing a huge ruckus, according to a report from authorities.

The wild animal crashed into a window of the rehabilitation building located in Wells Nursing Home en Johnstown at the beginning of this week.

“I was in another office and I thought, ‘I need my cell phone,’ because no one is going to believe me there was a deer jumping in there,” said Bill Betts, director of rehabilitation for the facility.

The horned deer, who was obviously frightened by being in an unknown and closed place, was trying to find a way out, but was confused by the mirrors in the room.

After about 10 minutes, the animal scared out of a window by breaking the glass with its antlers.

Fortunately, no one was near the room where the deer was as it tried to flee the scene.

“You can laugh about it now,” Betts said. “But at that time, thank God, there was no one in the department, no residents, no patients.”

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