Video: Vermont sheriff’s deputy is shot at least 10 times by police officers in New York in dramatic shooting

An off-duty Vermont sheriff’s officer was shot by Saratoga Springs police after engaging in an exchange of fire with a group of men. in the early hours of Sunday, authorities reported.

The officer was hit multiple times after he ignored police officers’ demands to leave his gun on the ground, officials and the local mayor told a news conference.

Saratoga Springs police explained that the shooting between the off-duty officer and a group of men began as a dispute around 3:00 a.m.

The officer was allegedly thrown into a parked car and pushed to the ground by three individuals at the corner of Broadway and Caroline Street.

He brandished a firearm while shaking and exchanging shots with the other individual in the group who was also armed. Between the two they fired between seven and eight shots, according to authorities.

Nearby officers heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene of the shooting where they saw the officer holding the gun.

Officials repeatedly demanded that the sheriff’s deputy drop his weapon, according to body camera footage shared by the department.

The man refused to put down his gun and the officers opened fire.

“By my count, there are at least eight separate, clear and unequivocal orders to lower your weapon and get on the ground,” Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner James Montagnino said at the news briefing. “Everyone is ignored.”

The victim suffered 10 gunshot wounds, though police said it was unclear if he was actually shot all 10 times, as the injuries include entry and exit wounds.

He was taken to a local care center for treatment and is in stable condition, according to WRGB-Albany.

The agents fired at least 11 times.

A woman believed to be a partner of the sheriff’s deputy suffered a scratch, and a Utica-area man who was involved in the initial fight was also injured.

The authorities are investigating the incident.

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