War Between Democrats In New York: Maloney Blames Hochul And Ocasio Cortez For Capitol Losses; AOC also criticizes

Sean Patrick Maloney, a congressman from New York defeated in Tuesday’s elections, criticized fellow Democrats Gov. Kathy Hochul and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) as he discussed his party’s poor performance in the region compared to other parts of the country in the midterm elections.

Republican candidates won 10 House seats in New York on Tuesday, including four with Democratic incumbents, helping the red party to a majority among Representatives.

“I didn’t see her for a minute of these midterms helping the majority of our House,” Maloney complained about Ocasio Cortez in statements to The New York Times.

When asked about Ocasio Cortez’s scathing criticism of the leadership of the Democratic Party in New York, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Chairman he sarcastically told the newspaper that he “isn’t sure what kind of advice he has, but I’m sure it will be generous.”

On Twitter Wednesday Ocasio-Cortez accused the regional Democratic Party of being “full of lobbyists.” and said it must “take responsibility” for Tuesday’s losses. “I asked for the resignation of Jay Jacobs a year ago and I still stand by it,” he added, referring to the state president with the blue awning.

“The leadership of the NYS Dem party, which was gutted under [el exgobernador de Nueva York Andrew] Cuomo [D]packed with lobbyists, works to boost the Republican Party and failed to pass a basic statewide measure to protect New York’s redistricting, must be held accountable,” Ocasio Cortez wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Maloney continued to belittle the contributions of the controversial legislator from the progressive current to the defense of what was expected of the Democratic Party in the House.

“Let’s be clear, she had almost nothing to do with what turned out to be a historic defense of our majority.” Maloney stated. “She did nothing for our front-line candidates except give them money when they didn’t want it from her.”

Previously Maloney also blamed Gov. Hochul’s poor performance for the loss of four seats in the House of Representatives from New York, on the show Morning Joe of MSNBC Thursday.

Hochul won the governorship of New York on Tuesday by a much smaller margin than the polls predicted, against Republican lawmaker Lee Zeldin. The former congresswoman and lawyer, who in the past defined herself as an “independent Democrat”, managed to be the first woman in history to win the governorship of NY, since in 2021 she came to office in a bureaucratic manner after the scandalous resignation for sexual harassment of Cuomo, to whom she was lieutenant governor.

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