Alert for howling and sighting of coyotes in the Bronx; NYC Parks says it’s “normal”

Several coyotes have been heard howling and seen in the Riverdale neighborhood of The Bronx (NYC) recently, and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation confirmed that their presence is “normal.”

“While there have been recent coyote sightings in the Bronx, they are not new to New York City. Shorter days give them more time to forage for food. If you see one, don’t panic – most coyotes seek to avoid people. Watch from a distance and secure your trash,” said the Parks Department this morning on his Twitter account.

“Over the past several decades, coyotes have been expanding their natural range in response to abundant food and open habitat,” the Department previously said in a statement cited by Fox News. “Coyotes live within the city limits, we know they live in The Bronx, Queens and Manhattan”.

NYC Parks reminded that the food inside the garbage attracts wildlife, including raccoons and coyotes. For this reason, officials recommend use lockable, animal-proof trash cans and mint-scented trash bags.

“Seeing a coyote for the first time can be an exciting or frightening experience,” the Parks Department stated. “To follow simple guidelines of coexistence, By watching them from a distance, you can keep yourself, your family, your pets, and even coyotes safe.”

The Parks Department portal has additional and updated information about wildlife in New York City and tips on what to do when you come across different species. For example, You should never feed coyotes because doing so could make them accustomed to people. “Keeping coyotes in the wild is the key to coexistence,” the Department states. “Their lives and your safety depend on coyotes being naturally mistrustful of people.”

Coyotes are similar to dogs. But unlike a canine, the coyote’s tail hangs down and is usually tipped with black. And although they are afraid of people, they can be very dangerous for pets.

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