With Hochul’s triumph in the Governorate, the call to promote more actions to protect all New Yorkers increases

Towards the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, after a hard-fought election day and the fear that with the advance of Lee Zeldin the highest leadership of the State of New York could remain after 20 years, again in Republican hands, Governor Kathy Hochul she breathed easy and savored the victory.

A total of 3,011,672 votes in their favour, which they represent 52.8% of the electorate who went to the polls, against 2,688,543 per cent (47.2%), were enough for Hochul to achieve her re-election as Governor for the next 4 years.

After the celebration and the rain of confetti that the triumph celebrationleaders and community organizations of the Big Apple congratulated the state president, but already showed their list of demands, with which they hope that the president can carry out New York to a better port on issues such as security, health, education, support for immigrants, cost of living and better opportunities for the most vulnerable.

Murad Awawdehexecutive director of the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC Action) extended his call not only to Governor Hochul, but to the long list of progressive Democrats who won in the state Legislature, including Jessica Ramos, Julia Salazar, Luis Sepulveda and Gustavo Rivera, in the Senate and Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Juan Ardila, Catalina Cruz and Marcela Mitaynezin the Assembly, to recognize the support received by immigrant voters to continue working to protect the rights of all New Yorkers.

“At a time in history when it was absolutely crucial that New York prove itself a welcoming state for all, immigrants, women, Blacks, Latinos and people of color went to the polls to demand that their rights be protected, and their voices protected. they were listened to”, assured the defender of immigrants. “With better results than expected For progressive candidates across the country, the vast majority of our endorsed candidates won their races in the State Legislature, furthering an immigrant rights agenda that prioritizes the needs of all who call New York home… We look forward to working with elected officials across the state who will promote the fundamental changes our communities need to thrive.”

The so-called excluded workerswho promoted work with the Working Families Party and contributed to Hochul’s victory, highlighted that the narrow margin with which the Democratic leader won, less than 250,000 votes, shows the need for the president to generate trust among immigrants and communities of color, not among their billionaire donors.

And as part of the call to promote actions in favor of the most vulnerable communities, the excluded urged the promotion of aid measures for those who currently face eviction, exclusion from unemployment insurance benefits, and lack of access to health care.

Now is the time for bold action and leadership. The coalition will continue to advocate to close the gaps in unemployment insurance for excluded workers across New York State.” Jennifer Connor, executive director of the organization Justice for Migrant Families.

Defenders of undocumented workers urged the re-elected president to push through the approval of the unemployment insurance program for the self-employed, self-employed, immigrants, and people excluded from the social safety net.

New Yorkers need a Governor with a bold plan to bring real improvements to their lives and to the State. In her first full term in office, the Coalition of Excluded Fund Workers will hold the Governor to account. She must stand with working families, immigrants, and low-wage workers who are counting on her to act on her behalf,” Connor added.

The organization “Housing Justice for All”which promotes the affordable housing urgency, took a hard dart at Hochul, warning that by siding with wealthy real estate donors, he nearly lost the election, so he asked him to side with those most in need.

“Yes ok Governor Hochul won a victory, the fact that the results were in doubt to the very end is a damning statement about the politics of restraint. Hochul’s willingness to comply with the bidding of wealthy real estate donors and turn a blind eye to the suffering of ordinary New Yorkers nearly cost him this election,” the community organizer said. Cea Weaver. “Governor Hochul must now spend her first elected term providing the working families who voted for her: protections for tenants struggling with high rents and evictions, programs that help families permanently overcome homelessness, and a plan to build safe and affordable housing for all.”

weaver stressed also that Hochul should not fall into “the lie” of blaming public safety with the brake on the reform of the bail bond law and asked to increase investment in communities.

“We don’t keep ourselves safe by locking up as many people as possible. We stay safe by investing in the public services that families need to succeed: quality housing, good schools, neighborhoods where children can play,” said the activist. “Governor Hochul must take advantage of this moment and promote a bold agenda for all New Yorkers, not just a wealthy few.”

Another of the points that New York leaders ask the president is to continue with his fight against firearms.

“During her time in office, Governor Hochul has championed and signed a strong list of laws that will keep New Yorkers safe from gun violence,” he said. Shannon Watts, founder of the organization “Moms Demand Action”.

“With her victory, New Yorkers have shown that they expect gun safety to be a priority for their leaders…we look forward to continuing to work with her to advance gun safety in New York State,” Watts said.

Ilana Bergerco-director of the organization New York Caring Majorityasked the Democratic president to move ways to end the shortage of home care personnel in New York.
“As a vocal advocate for women in New York, the Governor has the opportunity to lift up a sector that is overwhelmingly made up of low-income women of color,” said the activist. “This election made it clear that New Yorkers across the state are struggling with the cost of living. Home care workers earning low wages are leaving the sector. And older adults and disabled New Yorkers who would prefer care at home are increasingly being forced into nursing homes.”

Improvements in child education and support are other of the cries on the list of tasks to be done that voters urge Hochul to push into the next four-year period.

“The Governor has the working families of New York to thank for their victory, and now is the time for her to deliver with us. Governor Hochul is now mandated to continue the progress she began last year to fully fund public education, expand child care, and support children and families.” Jasmine Gripper, executive director of the organization Alliance for Quality Education.

“The Alliance for Quality Education looks forward to working with Governor Hochul during the next legislative session to meet the final year of Foundation Aid’s phase-in and truly create universal child care for New York families,” added the activist. , who also stressed that the vote of confidence in Hochul is also a clear message that New York will not support Trump-aligned politicians “who feed fear, hatred and lies.”

After showing his pride in to be the first woman elected at the polls to lead the destinies of New YorkGovernor Hochul was optimistic with what was her first year in office and assured that in her next term she will act with greater urgency to move all New York families forward.

“I am not here to make history. I am here to make a difference (…) And I will guide with strength and compassion, not with anger and fear. We will build a State where we can afford to raise our families. Where we create good paying jobs in tomorrow’s industries, from Long Island to New York, from Syracuse to Buffalo. Where we expand safe and decent housing for all”, commented the winner of the contest for the Governor of NY.

“Where our children succeed in school and reach their full potential. Where we live without fear, safe in our neighborhoods and our subways with illegal weapons off our streets. Where our fundamental rights are protected and women can make decisions about our own bodies”concluded Hochul.

Lucia Gomeza political analyst, assured that Hochul’s victory is a sign that the New York electorate supports the path that the Governor has been marking and predicted progress in the next four-year period.

“Her victory means that people feel that if we are not going in the direction that we should 100 percent, at least they see in her an opportunity to win. make a better change instead of Zeldinand I think he is in a better position to do things, because with a Democratic and progressive Assembly and Senate, there will be more fruits than seeing political lawsuits with rivals ”, Gomez said.

The analyst added that despite this, the state president must pay close attention to promoting solutions to housing needs, security, mental health problems, inflation, universal child care and the economy, but she must do it hand in hand with the municipalities.

Results of Democratic victories in higher positions of power in NY:

  • Governorate: Winner: Kathy Hochul (Democrat): 3,011,672 Votes: 52.8%
    Lee Zeldin (Republican): 2,688,543 votes: 47.2%
  • State Comptroller: with 81.92 of the votes counted
    Winner: Thomas DiNapoli (D): 3,173,372: 57%
    Paul Rodriguez (Republican): 2,397,318; 43%
  • State Prosecutor’s Office: with 82.36% of the vote count
    Winner: Letitia James (Democrat): 3,039,604: 54.3%
    Michael Henry (republicano): 2,561,091: 45.7%

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