14-year-old shot in front of Staten Island high school

An investigation is underway in connection with a shooting outside a school on Staten Island.where a 14-year-old teenager was shot.

Authorities reported that the teen, believed to be a freshman, was shot in the leg.

The victim had to be transported to Staten Island University Hospital.presenting injuries that do not endanger his life, reported ABC7 NY.

There have been no arrests so far, but the NYPD is searching for a group of five men who fired between five and seven shots toward 100 Luten Ave around 2:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, detectives are trying to determine if the victim is an unwanted object and if she was standing near a possible intended target, who may have jumped under a car. The shooting is currently being investigated as an isolated incident.

The Department of Education (DOE) specified that the incident did not occur at the school, but is working closely with the NYPD in the investigation.

Student safety is our top priority and our students deserve to feel safe in their communities at all times.“, the DOE said in a statement.

“There is also strong mental health support in all New York City public schools for students in need, through school social workers, counselors and on-site mental health clinics,” the statement added. from the Department.

Several bullet casings were recovered on the street, although at the moment the motives for the shooting are unknown.

Republican Congresswoman from New York State Nicole Malliotakis criticized the violence in the city, saying the situation “It got out of hand.”

“One thing is for sure: all types of crime have gotten out of control and it’s not just ‘perception.’ Whether it’s people being stabbed, robbed, pushed in front of a train or shot, our city has become the ‘Wild West’ with one in 88 New Yorkers becoming the victim of a major crime,” Malliotakis said.

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