El Awards 2022: Rafael Bello- Univision News Anchor

Rafael Bello’s plans were always far from television, the medium where he now works like a fish in the water.

As a child, the Dominican communicator wanted to be an engineer and architect because he dreamed of designing and building a house for his mother. He imagined handing her the key to the door.

At the same time, he had a great passion for baseball. Being a major league baseball player was one of the goals he had set for himself since he was a child. However, his frail figure and not being as physically adept as other boys played a decisive role in making him forget about that alternative.

Already an adult, and despite having studied civil engineering, in 2003 Bello began working in his native Santo Domingo on a radio sports program. He was in charge of producing and hosting a segment on Carril del Medio, a popular broadcast. In 2006 he began his career on television as a commentator for the games of the baseball leagues in his country.

In 2011, and with a “very badly done” demo under his arm, he arrived in New York. It didn’t take him more than one interview to be hired by the Telemundo network to be a sports presenter on the local newscast.

After four years, the communicator received an offer from the Univision network, where a few months ago he was named presenter of Univision 41 News “Al Despertar”, in New York, and shares the screen with presenter Patricia Candiani.

Although he considers that he still has a lot to do, this appointment comes to the communicator a few months after celebrating two decades of having started as a journalist, a fruitful career that spans fifteen years in the area of ​​sports and that later extended to the coverage of sources such as entertainment, news and weather.

In his extensive career, Bello has received multiple awards for his work on television, including several Emmys. In 2014 she received the Juan Pablo Duarte National Youth Award given by the presidency of the Dominican Republic.

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