La Niña will bring “cold surprise” and severe snowfall to New York, New Jersey and other states

Autumn and winter in New York and at least 15 other East Coast states are seeing mild temperatures, but this can change “surprisingly”due to the La Niña phenomenon, which could cause more intense rains and snowfalls.

A similar situation was experienced in the winter of 2021-2022 when the Empire State and several entities, including the New England region, experienced near-summer weather days during the season, but the temperature dropped several degrees from one day to the next.

The projections of experts from the National Meteorological Service and AccuWeather -one of the most reliable systems- agree on the conditions that will cause La Niña, which is a phenomenon that causes colder water in the equatorial Pacific, which amplifies the current in “jet polar”, which generates more intense winter storms, even if they seem isolated.

Meteorologists attribute the current weather pattern to The girlsuch as possible warmer temperatures along the East Coast.

“Warmer than average temperatures are favored in the southeastern US and along the Atlantic coast,” says an AccuWeather report.

However, the pattern is not consistent, so people will see sudden changes in temperature and to generate “massive storms”.

While the first waves of cold air are hitting New York and several states ahead of the official start of winter, AccuWeather forecasters say that will change as the winter progresses, but the weather will be almost unpredictable.

“Residents of the Northeast and Midwest will experience some winter previews in November and December as waves of cold air descend from Canada, but the biggest gusts of cold air will stay until later in the wintersaid AccuWeather.

A 2018 study published in Nature Communications had warned of these sudden changes and of the severe storms caused by La Niña.

“This allows the Arctic air masses to expand further south while increasing the probability of heavy snowfall,” it was stated at the time.

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