New York is the second city with the most rats in the United States… What is the first?

While the country’s most populous city has a reputation for harboring a huge population of various pests, The city with the most rats in the United States is not New York.whose authorities have declared war on rodents in different periods.

However, The city with the most rats in the United States is Chicago., according to pest control company Orkin.

The national chain ranked the 50 most mouse and rat-infested metro regions across the country based on the number of residential and commercial rodent removal jobs the company completed from September 2021 through August 2022.

While falling short of actual rat populations, Orkin’s rankings reveal, at the very least, which cities are interested in turning to professionals to solve their pest problems.

One study found that a population of rats, originating from England or France, arrived in New York City sometime between 1750 and 1770.

Chicago is the city with the most rats for the eighth consecutive year

The new rankings fell last week and revealed a reshuffling among the top 10 rat cities of 2021. Chicago clung to its claim as the rat capital of the nation for the eighth consecutive yearsays Orkin.

New York City became the second city with the most rats in the United States in 2022, trading places with Los Angeleswhich slipped to third place.

Some cities made significant jumps in the rankings. South Bend, Indiana, for example, jumped 21 places in the top 50.

Orkin said the pandemic gave rise to outdoor eating structures that provided rodents “with a perfect place to dine, live and multiply.”

The 15 cities with more than United States

These are the 15 cities with the most rats in the United States, according to Orkin.

  1. Chicago
  2. NY
  3. The Angels
  4. Washington DC
  5. San Francisco
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Baltimore
  8. Cleveland
  9. Detroit
  10. Denver
  11. Seattle
  12. Minneapolis
  13. Boston
  14. Atlanta
  15. Indianapolis

Is your city one of the best rat shelters in the United States? Check out the full Orkin list HERE.

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