The stress of working with robots is combated with positive affirmations

The entry of robots into the world of work is revolutionizing the way we work. They are rapidly becoming part of our daily lives, but with them also comes uncertainty and fear, as many question whether the rise of robots will create new job opportunities or eliminate jobs for millions of people.

The reality is that technological changes have occurred all the time, and it is essential for companies to implement them. They need to be competent and keep up to date.

According to the World Economic Fund, it is possible that 85 million jobs will be displaced by 2025, so the fear of losing a job does have a real basis. On the other hand, it is also estimated that new jobs will be created: they will even be more than those that will be lost, approximately 97 million.

However, the American Technology Association indicates that there are many employees who work with robots and who are feeling stress, burnout or insecurity because of them. It has been shown that with positive affirmations these problems can be combated. These are some that can be implemented in the work area:

  • I have all the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions
  • I am brave and I can conquer my fears
  • I generate great results for my organization
  • I trust myself
  • Today I will be very productive

For affirmations to really work and to see a progressive change in productivity and stress level, they must be repeat daily. This helps to increase motivation and improve productivity. Associate with specific goalsFor example, if you repeat yourself several times “I am very good at presenting projects”, your confidence in making work presentations can be increased. Repeat whenever you have negative thoughts. If you repeat yourself “I can conquer my fears” to occupy a new job, self-esteem can be increased to boost the professional career.

The job market is changing. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we keep our skills and knowledge up to date, but it is also just as important that we are confident in our abilities. If we don’t trust ourselves, no one else will.

* Adriana Gallardo is an international speaker, author and leader of Adriana’s Insurance emporium. Business and Life Coach, author and producer. Doctor Honoris Causa from the Executive University of the State of Mexico. She lives in California. IG @adrianagallardo1

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