VIDEO: They arrest a subject who pushed a person onto the subway tracks in Brooklyn who was walking on the platform

Authorities They arrested the subject who was pointed out for pushing a person inside the Subway in Brooklyn, in New York, after a video captured last Friday.

Lamale McRae, 41, was identified as the suspect in the attack last week, in which surveillance footage and facial recognition technology were key to her discovery. The arrest was carried out by the Queens Warrants Squad near his home, police sources said.

Relatives told the New York Post that they were fed up with McRae, and even posted signs on the stairwell of his building prohibiting his presence at their home, and indicating that whoever saw it should contact the police.

“If you see a brown-skinned guy sleeping [sic] in the hallway call the police because you are trespassing”said the sign.

McRae’s cousin recounted that the “last straw” for the family was when he allegedly stole $50 from them, revealing that he has been arrested more than two dozen times.

“Something is wrong with him. That’s why he can’t stay here. He has been away for two years ”, her cousin stated.

The relative added that her cousin has a psychological history that worsened when her mother died of dementia nearly two years ago.

“He needs to be medicated. He was at Woodhull (Brooklyn Medical and Mental Health Center), but they wouldn’t let him go.”narrowed.

However, he did not hide his astonishment to see that his cousin is accused of pushing a stranger on the train tracks, and clarified that “he was a good person and he did not go crazy out of nowhere.”

McRae was indicted for attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and harassment after shoving David Martin, who was waiting for an L train to work at a restaurant in Manhattan when he was attacked, family and police said. He is expected to be arraigned tonight.

It was learned from police sources and records that the suspect had just served nearly two decades in prison for an attempted murder and robbery in 1997 in the Bronx when he was still a teenager. He was paroled in May 2018.

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