Woman found dead in trash outside Staten Island home, NYPD says

An unidentified woman was found dead near dumpsters outside a Staten Island home, New York police said.

The victim, believed to be in her 30s and dressed only from the waist up, was wrapped in blankets next to a blue storage container and a red truck in the driveway of the home on Heberton Ave. near Port Richmond Ave. in Port Richmond around 5:45 in the morning.

The body was in front of a fenced area that had garbage cans.

The victim’s body showed no obvious signs of trauma, authorities said. The single-family home is divided into different apartments, the residents said.

On a surveillance camera a subject could be seen dragging the woman out of one of the apartments and left her on the road when he saw someone approaching, the homeowner revealed to the Daily News.

“My cameras caught everything,” said the landlord, who gave his name only as Joe. “He put her in the blue (container), then covered her in blankets and dragged her outside and left her lying there.”

“I saw something come out of the blankets,” he said. “I think it was his hand.”

The individual who has not been identified ran back to the apartment and left minutes later, the duel said, describing the security camera footage.

“He just shuffled off,” Joe stated.

The subject captured in the surveillance images is a friend of one of the tenants, Joe reported. The tenant was at his house when his body was found in the driveway and officers were questioning him.

The suspect who left the body on the street is still being sought by authorities.

Investigators believe the woman may have died of a drug overdose and was left in the trash by partygoers, a police source linked to the case said.

An autopsy was scheduled to determine the woman’s cause of death.

The owner said he put security cameras both inside and outside his property after receiving several complaints from neighbors about people breaking into their tenant’s apartment at any time of night.

“I’ve owned this building since 1999,” Joe said. “I’ve had deceased tenants there, but it’s never been a crime scene.”

According to Joe, when the tenant returns, they will find a place to live.

“It’s over,” he said. “I just changed the locks.”

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