Angry customer set fire to a New York restaurant in protest of the rice they gave him

Choephel Norbu was arrested and accused of burning down a restaurant specializing in Bangladeshi food in Queens (NYC) because he apparently did not like the rice he was served.

After a two-week investigation into the October 2 fire at the Ittadi Garden and Grill in the Jackson Heights neighborhood, New York police detectives and FDNY fire marshals arrested Norbu, of 49 years old, and they accused him of arson, criminal conduct and reckless endangerment.

Norbu reportedly He told detectives he was “very drunk” and angry. because the restaurant did not take well to his order of chicken biryani, made with rice.

A security camera video captured a person standing outside the restaurant, then spraying the front of the store and the sidewalk with a liquid and then kneeling down. Seconds later, a fireball engulfs part of the business and the sidewalk and even the arsonist, who then runs off.

The fireball shattered the restaurant’s glass windows and its air conditioning unit, causing more than $1,500 in damage. Miraculously there were no casualties.

Norbu was prosecuted and released without bail. He is due back in court in December. A spokesperson for the Queens County district attorney recalled that third-degree arson does not qualify for bail under state law.

“There were no other grounds for requesting bail, as it was the defendant’s first arrest and there were no open cases against him,” the unidentified spokesman said for Fox News. “The most you could seek was the highest level of supervised release, which we requested and secured.”

All charges are mere accusations and persons prosecuted are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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