Daughters of Lee Zeldin, Republican candidate for governor of New York, detailed the terrifying shooting in front of their home

Daughters of the candidate for governor of New York, Lee Zeldin, detailed what they experienced on Sunday after a shooting took place in front of their home on Long Island in an alleged conflict between gangs.

“A lot of things went through my head,” said Arianna Zeldin, admitting that at first she didn’t know what to think in the middle of the situation. “After we both heard shots, we thought maybe it was fireworks because people do that in our neighborhood. So she was very confused.”

“When we heard the screams, we definitely knew it was gunshots”Arianna added. “When I saw a person on our lawn, I didn’t know if he was the shooter or the target.”

For her part, her sister, Mikayla Zeldin, assured that experiencing something like what happened on Sunday at the age of 16 “is very scary”, and she added that she doubted if the people who carried out the shooting were after them after seeing one of shooters right on the lawn in front of his house.

The teens were alone at the Shirley residence doing homework shortly before 2:20 p.m. when shots were heard in the neighborhood, the New York Post reported.

Subsequently, Republican Lee Zeldin He stated that his daughters ran up the stairs of their house, locked themselves in a bathroom and contacted 911.

Authorities managed to identify the gunmen as 17-year-old Joel Murphy and Elijah Robinson, who were injured in the shooting and taken to local hospitals, according to police sources.

Both were walking down the street with a friend at the time of the shots coming from a dark carwhich occurred together in front of the house of the representative for the state of New York.

The friend of the shooting victims, 15-year-old Tyler Smith, was unharmed and ran away crying, his brother, Tyvon Smith, told The Post.

“I am glad that the people who were injured have gone to the hospital”Mikayla expressed. “I’m glad they’re okay.”

Through his Twitter account, Lee Zeldin specified that the crime “literally arrived at our front door”, noting that one of the bullets was located 30 feet away from his daughters.

The incident comes amid a campaign by Zeldin emphasizing the rising crime rate in the state, as well as calling for tougher bail laws in the state, among other measures.

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