New York authorities fatally shoot a Hispanic man who allegedly refused to drop his gun

A New York woman is demanding answers after four police officers fatally shot her son when he allegedly refused to drop his gun.

The man identified as Joel Capellán, 28, lost his life Sunday morning after officers shot him after refusing to put his gun down after numerous demands from police.

“The holidays are coming up and my son is gone. You still go home and see your son, I can take mine longer, ”said Jenny Rodríguez hours after learning the fate of her son.

The event was generated by a dispute that attracted officials from the 34th Precinct Neighborhood Safety Team at approximately 3:00 in the morning. NYPD Patrol Chief Jeff Maddrey said officers found the group near Dyckman Street and Nagle Avenue.

The four officers approached the corner of Inwood where, according to reports, they were able to observe a subject “with a gun drawn” arguing in the crowd, the patrol chief said.

The officers allegedly gave numerous orders for the man to drop his weapon, which authorities say were ignored.

The man was also fatally shot multiple times by officers. They also reported that he was transferred to a care center, but could not survive and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

At least three dozen evidence markers were at the scene Sunday morning as detectives continued their inquiries after dawn Sunday.

“We don’t know exactly what the circumstances were here, we are still investigating the disturbance. But there were a lot of people here and we will ask everyone, anyone who has been here who has seen something to please.” Call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS,” Maddrey said.

City authorities posted on Twitter a photograph of the weapon they claimed they recovered from the scene and which belonged to Capellán.

The man’s mother said her son lived with her and did not have a firearm. In addition, she added that she served time and that she had returned home for less than a year, while working to get her life on the right track.

“If he did something bad, then he did something bad. But he did not deserve to die the way he died,” Rodríguez expressed.

The woman said another family member was on the corner with her son, who said he had already been shot in the abdomen before police arrived.

The officials did not offer additional details about the injuries Chaplain sustained before or after the officers fired, but they did state that a second man was wounded during the shooting.

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