Politician campaigns with pornographic video of himself: daring candidate for Capitol Hill for New York

Mike Itkis, an independent candidate to represent New York’s 12th District in the National Capitol, released his own explicit video to highlight his liberal sexual platform.

Itkis is running against the veteran Democratic representative Jerry Nadler, who defeated Carolyn Maloney in a long primary by moving to District 12-NY, of high weight in the country since it houses neighborhoods in the eastern area of ​​Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Itkis uploaded the 13-minute video to a popular pornography portal as a “conversation piece,” the 53-year-old hopeful for City & State. The 2021 video, titled “Bucket List Bonanza,” shows him having sex with the adult film star Nicole Sage.

“If I only talked about it [su plataforma]it wouldn’t show my commitment to the issue,” said Itkis, who describes himself as “very liberal”. “And the fact that I actually did it was a great learning experience and it actually influenced elements of my platform.”

On his campaign website Itkis says that supports sexual rights and “actively opposes the conservative idea that sex should only occur between a man and a woman who are married.” Topics on their platform include the legalizing sex work, ending adultery laws, protecting privacy rights, and redefining the abortion debate as “a right to unplanned sex,” summarized Newsweek.

It also says that “men should not be required to maintain biological children without prior agreement.” Itkis is one of three candidates to appear on the general ballot next month. He is running against frontrunner Nadler and Republican Mike Zumbluskas, who said he understood the decision to release his own sex tape.

“You have to do what you have to do” Zumbluskas said. “The media ignores everyone who is not a Democrat in the city” of New York.

In a similar case, in the Democratic primaries Last year Zack Weiner, a young man who was running for the NYC City Council, was peppered with a sadomasochistic video posted on Twitter, with him as the protagonist semi-naked, gagged and “tortured” by a woman. For more controversy, his father, Eric Weiner, is co-creator of the popular children’s television program “Dora The Explorer”. When the votes were counted, he was in 6th and last place.

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