The height of chutzpah: woman on the run in two states applied for a job with the police in NJ

A young runaway wanted for fraud was arrested when she walked into a New Jersey sheriff’s office and asked to be hiredthe police reported.

Zyeama Johnson, 27, former Jersey City Postal Service worker, was a fugitive in Monroe County Pennsylvaniaand still went to apply for a job at the Hudson County (NJ) sheriff’s office, according to the newspaper Jersey Journal.

The police were also looking for her. 10 warrants for your arrest for failure to appear in court for traffic charges in Jersey City.

Johnson submitted paperwork to apply as a security guard. Upon discovering that she was requested in the neighboring state she was called to the station under the pretext of a job interview and arrested on Tuesday, said Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari.

After the alleged fraudster was arrested, officers they discovered two stolen credit cards and for it she was indicted on new charges, Schillari said.

All charges are mere accusations and persons prosecuted are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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