A young woman was dismembered by her ex-boyfriend in a case of domestic violence: “There was blood everywhere,” says a witness in Brooklyn

The New York Police finally arrested the ex-boyfriend of a victim of domestic violence that ended up dismembered and packed in suitcases in Brooklyn.

Dasia Johnson’s body was found dismembered in her East New York apartment last month.

“There was blood everywhere, pints of blood,” neighbor Stephanie Harris told The New York Post. “It was unpleasant. You can imagine what happened to her. You know she fought for her life.”

The New York Times, meanwhile, states that the girl’s ex-boyfriend is already in custody and is questioned, although he has not yet been formally charged. The subject is at the 75th precinct.

The domestic violence suffered by Johnson was registered with the authorities, since he obtained a restraining order against his ex-boyfriend.

The body was found by construction workers, who entered the apartment and found the blood-soaked remains.

The NYPD and medical examiners responded to the crime scene on the fourth floor of building 315 Linwood Street.

The neighbors knew about the domestic abuse, even pointing out that the subject had left the young woman with injuries in the past.

The suspect had been in March, when he violated the restraining order by showing up at the apartment to pick up some of his belongings, witnesses said.

In mid-September, not knowing anything about the young woman, the relatives asked on September 21 to search the apartment of the young woman who dreamed of being a teacher.

Two subjects denied access to the workers and one of them is believed to be the ex-boyfriend.

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