Man rowed from New York to Ireland without knowing how to swim: historic feat and world record in the Atlantic Ocean

Damian Browne made history as the first person to row from New York City to Galway, Ireland.

The 42-year-old former professional rugby player he was greeted as a hero yesterday Tuesday in his hometown. The Irish Times stressed that Browne can’t swim but it left Chelsea Piers in Manhattan on June 14. It took him 112 sailing days to complete over 3,000 miles (4,931 kms) and get to irelandwhich he achieved on October 4.

After two years of trainingoriginally he had set out with a companion, Fergus Farrell, but he had to abandon the journey after the first two weeks due to health issues, leaving Browne alone to cross the ocean in a boat just 19 and a half feet.

“He had to deal with mountainous seas and howling winds, while struggling with equipment failure. With only one man to row, the trip took twice as long: almost four months at sea,” he summarized. ABC News.

The tiny boat was built by hand in England and is packed with technology such as solar panels to help power the various boating equipment. Also has a desalination machine, which makes ocean water drinkable.

Browne was received in Galway yesterday morning by his wife and daughter, as well as Farrell. “Now I feel absolute relief that ‘Damo’ came home, because I left him alone in that ocean, so I’m relieved that he’s here,” said the former companion of the voyage.

Reflecting on loneliness during the journey, Browne commented: “I’ve learned that I crave connection with the people around me and that’s something I really need to spend more time on, connecting on deeper levels with those people… It gives you a great perspective on what is important in your life.”

Browne previously rowed from San Sebastian in Spain to the Caribbean island of Antigua in 2018. And He has also climbed Mount Everest, The highest mountain in the world.

in your doorway Project Empower and in your Twitter account He recorded his recent trip, which could be followed with a satellite link in real time.

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