Netflix series scammer Anna Sorokin released from jail awaiting deportation: house arrest in New York and will not be able to use social networks

After posting $10,000 bail, Anna Sorokin was released yesterday from jail in upstate New York and returned to Manhattan with an electronic ankle tracker to begin strict house arrest and no access to social media while her case is resolved. possible deportation.

A New York immigration judge ordered the release of the 31-year-old German who scammed many people by posing as a rich Russian heiress under the false name “Anna Delvey”, while living in violation of US immigration laws. The unusual case inspired the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”.

Sorokin was released from the “Orange County Correctional Facility” prison in Goshen (NY), 67 miles north of New York City, and taken by car to the FBI headquarters in Lower Manhattan, she said. New York Post. Last night “A little before 11:30 pm he arrived at his new East Village accommodation and told The Post in the hallway of the apartment building that he was “just happy to be back” in NYC.”

The European ex-convict he was silent about his plans. “I dont know. We’ll have to wait and see”, she said when asked if she plans to sell the art she made while in detention for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE).

Sorokin she first served four years behind bars related to her chain of scams: she was found guilty in May 2019 and released for good behavior in April 2021. But soon she was arrested again by ICE agents. and was held in the upstate prison for over a year. In March of this year she managed to temporarily stop her deportation to Germany.

Prosecutors said Sorokin “she did not have a penny to her name when she was arrested” in 2017. But a judge then ordered him to pay nearly $200,000 in restitution after his conviction, including a $100,000 loan that he failed to honor to City National Bank.

Sorokin fell out of favor in October 2017 when was arrested for the first time after leaving an $11,518 bill unpaid at a luxury hotel In New York.

She was charged with defrauding hotels, tricking a bank into giving her a line of credit, and lying to try to get a million-dollar loan. Altogether, she reckons that she with her tricks stole more than $200,000 worth of goods and services, according to the authorities.

Sorokin’s great project was to open a spectacular private club in Manhattan, a investment of more than $40 million dollars And what was I going to design? Gabriel Calatrava -son of the famous Spanish architect-whom he met in October 2015 and who ended up testify in the trial against the young woman.

Sorokin’s alleged family fortune never turned up nowhere, because it did not exist. According to various media, her father is a former Russian trucker who immigrated to Germany with his family and who runs a small heating and air conditioning business.

During the trial her lawyers tried to present her as an entrepreneur looking to make it in New York, but the jury ended up convicting her of several crimes, although it exempted her from the most serious, that of falsifying documents to try to get a big bank loan.

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