Teenager killed his sister in a wheelchair: criminal indictment in New York

A mentally challenged 17-year-old was charged yesterday with stabbing to death his disabled older sister at their home in Brooklyn. during a domestic violence incident in July.

The suspect, whose name was withheld due to being a minor, allegedly stabbed his sister Shanelle Colquhoun, 26, in the neck and arms the night of July 24 at his East Flatbush home, police said.

The crime occurred at a home on Beverley Road near E. 48th St. The brother was arrested at the time and taken to the 67th Precinct police station, but it was not clear why he was not charged until now, she said. Daily News.

The 26-year-old victim used a wheelchair, which would have limited their defense, according to the neighbors. Paramedics took her to Kings County Hospital, but were unable to save her.

The now defendant had no arrest record, but officers responded four times to calls describing him as emotionally disturbed, the police said. Earlier that day he had assaulted his mother, who called 911. But the teen left before the NYPD arrived. The agents filed a report and left, as did his mother.

While on the street, the lady received a desperate call from her daughter. “He’s back!” The scared young woman told him, referring to her brother.

All charges are mere accusations and persons prosecuted are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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