Autumn arrives with rain and a drop in temperature in New York

The temperature will drop in New York with the arrival of the boreal autumn, which officially began yesterday, September 21.

For today Thursday there is a high possibility of rain, while the thermometer will drop at least until Sunday, with night temperatures close to 50F (10C).

“We will see a cooler pattern again that will be more comfortable,” he told the New York Post the meteorologist of FOX Weather, Dylan DeBruyn. “We haven’t seen temperatures like this since the middle or end of June”before the heat of summer.

The weather is forecast to be stormy today with a high of 73 degrees F (22C) on the day, before a cold front from the Great Lakes rolls into the city.

And autumnal cold will arrive in the city tomorrow Friday with sunny highs in the 60F (15.5C) and lows in the 50F (10C), DeBruyn predicted.

Over the weekend the thermometer will rise a bit. And a wave of hot, humid weather could still be looming later this month, DeBruyn warned. “In September and October we tend to see big fluctuations, so we’ll see,” commented.

Weather updates can be found here and on the website of the National Weather Service (NWS-NY).

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