Horror video: Latina brutally beaten on the New York subway by a man who killed her grandmother and stabbed her sister

“Do you know how scared I am right now? I was never a person who was afraid, ”she told ABC New Elizabeth Gomes, after surviving a brutal beating in a New York subway station in Queens.

The attack that occurred around 5:15 am on Tuesday, September 20 at the Howard Beach-JFK Airport station, was captured in a dramatic video. For the case was arrested as a suspect Waheed Foster, 41, who was on probation.

The alleged homeless and mentally challenged shooter has a long criminal record that began when he as a teenager he was accused of murdering his 82-year-old adoptive grandmother in a brutal beating in 1995said police sources.

In last week’s attack, the 33-year-old victim was en route to work when she was accosted by a man who tried to start a conversation and followed her onto the mezzanine. Since the woman did not respond and ignored the advances, the assailant dragged her across the floor and slammed her against the wall, where he punched her repeatedly with his fists and kicked her in the face and bodyaccording to NYPD and the video released.

A bystander tried to intervene but backed away as the attacker advanced on him and then continued to kick and punch the woman multiple times before fleeing the scene.

“I saw the video and it ripped my heart out”

Clement Tucker, husband of the victim

Gomes was transported to Jamaica Hospital, where she received treatment for a serious eye injury. She is now in stable condition, but she said she had a headache and had barely slept in a week since the attack. “Honestly, I can’t see anything on my right side. And it hurts me”, claimed to ABC News.

commented that the suspect muttered incoherently about “Satan” in the moments before the attack. “(He was) talking about the devil… talking about a bunch of bullshit,” Gomes said.

The victim’s husband is heartbroken and furious. “I saw the video and it ripped my heart out,” Clement Tucker said. Gomes added that there were no policemen anywhere in the station. “Every day there is an incident in the Metro,” he said. “What happened to all these police officers that they said they would have there to protect us? Can’t find anyone. I don’t understand”.

According to police sources, six years after killing his adoptive grandmother, Foster was arrested for stabbing his 21-year-old sister with a screwdriver. Then in 2010 he was arrested for attacking three workers at the “Creedmore Psychiatric Center”, where he was admitted. At the time of the attack last week he had more than two years remaining on probation until November 2024.

Mayor Eric Adams, whose election campaign focused on public safety, has implemented several measures to make the subway safer, including deploying more police officers to stations and cars. But until now insecurity continues to rise. In particular last April it was one of the most violent months in the history of the New York Subway since its founding in 1904.

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