Latina murdered in a luxury apartment: boyfriend who owns a restaurant in New York is accused; he was run over while fleeing

Mark Small has pleaded “not guilty” after being formally accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend Marivel Estevez in the bedroom of the victim’s luxury apartment in Mineola, Long Island (NY).

Estevez was 39 years old and was found dead shortly after 11:15 am on Saturday, July 30, the Nassau County Police Department said. But according to the district attorney, she was murdered inside her apartment at “The Allure Mineola” between the night of July 28 and the early morning of the 29th.

Small, 55, an Elmont resident, owned the restaurant “Grotto” in Rockville Center, which had recently closed. Yesterday he was indicted on charges of murder and possession of weapons.

He was jailed without bail. If he is convicted, he faces between 25 years and life in prison. He must return to court on October 21, he said. News 12.

Police say Small was inside the apartment waiting for Estevez when she came home from work and shot him. The victim worked in the administration of the apartment complex where she lived.

then he fled with Estevez’s dog, but was struck when he stopped on the Long Island Expressway. He was taken to the hospital with fractures and in the process the police arrested him.

The defendant had no prior arrests and the victim had reported no domestic incidents. But friends and relatives of Estevez described the the couple’s two-year relationship as “turbulent.” Apparently she had recently confided to her relatives that she was considering leaving Small and returning to Floridasaid Nassau District Attorney Anne Donnelly.

“The defendant, however, was unwilling to let her go and (apparently murdered) Marivel in cold blood in her Mineola apartment. The murder of this young woman was a calculated and cowardly act, and my office will vigorously prosecute this case,” said Prosecutor Donnelly.

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