How to apply powdered milk so that your homemade pastries come out better

If you want your cookies, brownies and breads to have a rich flavor, as well as a crunchy texture, or thick and creamy as the case may be, there is an ingredient in your pantry that helps you achieve it. Epicurious found the secret weapon of some chefs: milk powder.

Powdered milk has it all, fat, protein and medium flavor, add more depth of flavor. The fat in full-fat dairy makes the baked product moister.

“Powdered milk can make babies ice creams are milkierdenser, silkier and the chewiest cookies” says the chef Christina True, author of Momofuku Milk Bar y Milk Bar: Kids Only.

Ramin Ganeshramauthor of Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobagosays that “nothing is better than powdered milk to give to cookies one chewy texture and a light crust“. This ingredient also helps breads sandwich go up more and makes flatbreads, be more tender

Ganeshram says that liquid milk adds water to batters and batters, too much can ruin the texture of the finished baked good. Using powdered milk instead of liquid provides a more intense concentration of milk sugars and proteins that help build dough.

Photo: Edward Lich/Pixabay

powdered milk too works for doughs that are going to be fried, like the donuts. When fried it becomes a super soft dough.

Options for Powdered Milk in Baking Recipes

Preparedness Mama advises to add ¼ cup of skim milk powder in each cup of fluid milk when you prepare cookies, muffins, pancakes, yeast breads, biscuits, and cakes. This will make your recipe firmer and brown faster. Lowering the baking temperature or reducing the amount of sugar will reduce this browning effect.

You eat add a tablespoon of powdered milk to your dry ingredients in any baking recipe.

Ganeshram points out that to get soft breadbate two teaspoons of powdered milk with the floursugar and baking powder.

Food52 points out that if the dough for your bread calls for a cup of water, add 1/3 cup of dry milk and 1 cup of water. You do not need to combine milk and water. Milk can be added with flour.

We should not confuse cream with powdered milk. Powdered milk is made by simply removing all the moisture from the milk.

The advantages of powdered milk is that it does not need to be refrigerated and you can store it for several months in your pantry.

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