Is chewing gum good for health?

The chewing gum It is a sweet that many avoid considering it harmful to the teeth or even the digestive system. However, recent studies have determined that chewing gum may be beneficial for certain aspects of health. Here are some of them.

Mental capacity

According to an article published by The Hispanic Networkchew chewing gum can improve memory. This is because the hippocampus is stimulated, and because this part of the brain is related to memory, hence it can have a positive effect.

Another benefit is that blood circulation to the brain is optimized because, while the gum is chewed, the heart rate accelerates, thus oxygen reaches the brain faster.

Weight loss and stress

As for stress, it is possible to reduce it with chewing gum, since they relax the facial muscles in a certain way and serve as a distracting element. As for losing weight, they are excellent substitutes to avoid eating high-calorie foods.

Chewing gums contain few calories, and for this reason they are recommended at times when you feel the urge to eat. In addition, the process or act of chewing, along with the taste of the gum, helps control impulses to eat. It should be noted that at this point, it is advisable to consume the gums without sugar.

Mouth cleaning

It is true that it is generally said that the chewing gum causes cavities and other problems oral health. However, by chewing it, problems such as bad breath and some gum infections can be combated.

The benefits are due to the fact that, while chewing, saliva production increases. as it contains antibacterial substances, saliva can break down food remains and acids that remain after eating.

Additionally, sugar-free gum protects the enamel of the teeth, which favors its durability and prevents cavities from appearing.

Of course, it should be noted that the chewing gum It must be without sugar so that it can provide these benefits, and although its consumption is favorable, it must also be done in moderation.