They affirm that Mayorkas wants ICE to toughen deportations

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alexander Mayorkasis against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office (ICE) disappear, but in favor of reinforcing actions against undocumented immigrants.

“I am one hundred percent against the abolition of ICE”he told agency employees. “It is the opposite of what I think should happen. I believe we need to strengthen our policies and practices and more effectively communicate what we do and why we do it.”

According to him Washington TimesMayorkas participated in a forum with employees of the immigration agency, after pressure from them, to whom he expressed his support for the work they do.

“(They have) a noble mission,” said the official, who expressed his readiness to confront sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with ICE in the immigration law enforcement.

It was added that Mayorkas is in favor of pursuing some undocumented immigrants through judicial processes for crossing the border without documents, something that exists in the law if that person has crossed more than once without permission.

“I see cases now where we apprehend and deport people who I think should be criminally prosecuted”considered.

The official is a former refugee who came from Cuba as a child with his parents and said he is also working on a deportation plan.

Mayoras said he is working on a new set of deportation guidelines to govern how and when officers can arrest and attempt to deport undocumented immigrants.was added.

Under current guidelines, ICE agents target new immigrants and people who pose a threat to national security.