What a cup of rooibos tea a day can do for your body weight

Los unmatched benefits of tea are becoming more popular every day, not in vain is it considered one of the healthier drinks of the planet. Best of all, there is a wide range of tea varietieswhich are a real medicinal treasure which, depending on the type, are associated with different therapeutic properties.

He rooibos tea or red teais an herbal drink that is acquired from the shrubby plant Aspalathus linear found in South Africa and it is an infusion that is obtained from the fermentation of the leaves of the bush which gives it its characteristic Red color. The truth is that the rooibos tea It is a highly valued drink in the natural medicine thousands of years ago and is associated with great healing benefitsamong which stand out: its analgesic power contra Headachespromotes a better quality of sleep, is a great natural ally against conditions such as asthma, excellentbone weakness, hypertensionallergies and premature aging. Another of its great medicinal genius is related to its positive effects to treat various stomach conditionsas is the case of cramps, abdominal distensionindigestion and inflammations. So it is a ancient medicinal remedy highly valued, it is also associated with great qualities for increase defenses y strengthen the immune system.

In recent months the popularity of rooibos tea has grown like foam, which is associated with its slimming power and that is why it has become an extraordinary complement to facilitate weight loss. Additionally, it has the immense virtue of being a tea that is absolutely free of caffeine content and it is also low in tannins.

He rooibos tea is considered a national emblem in south africais characterized by its sabort sweet and soft with notes of honey and vanilla. In fact numerous specialists in tea they affirm that it is one of the most pleasant variants to the palate, perfect to promote the habit of drinking tea. It is also a drink loaded with health benefits and shines for his high antioxidant content y phenolic compounds extremely powerful and versatile.

It has various references that endorse the anti-inflammatory properties of the rooibos teawhich are complemented by their antioxidant power y are promising elements for protect the body and are even associated with benefits to control body weight.

The slimming benefits of a cup of rooibos tea a day:

1. It is low in calories

One of the greatest qualities of rooibos tea is its very low calorie intake and his naturally sweet flavor So that together with his high antioxidant content and its qualities for pupset the balance of blood sugarrooibos tea is a wonderful addition to drink for boost weight loss. There is also information disclosed in a research work published in Science Directin which it is verified that it’s asphaltand active ingredient of rooibos tea; helps reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger y fat storage. The findings of the study suggest that rooibo teaYes, it is a drink with great potential for prevent obesitysince it has the ability to affect energy balancethe use of the same and the fat storage.

2. Improves digestion

It is well known that The digestion y gut health are directly related to the weightloss and other important health issues. In fact it has A studyin which the benefits were verified of rooibos tea for stimulate the digestive systemin principle their anti-inflammatory properties they fight any stomach condition and are associated with qualities to promote the elimination of toxins, liquids, salts, fats y waste housed in the body. On the other hand, it is related to properties for accelerate intestinal transitwhich favors the metabolism and the evacuations. Also thanks to your powerful antioxidants It is an ideal drink for decrease gastric secretionsin addition to its content in flavonoids as quercetin y the luteolin is associated with great benefits for enhance digestion.

3. Promotes good cholesterol levels

Another important aspect in the weightloss is related to a good control of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and rooibos tea has great benefits in this area. In fact it has A studycarried out in a period of six weeks in which it was verified that drinking 6 cups of rooibos tea a day significantly increases the polyphenol levels. These are plant compounds with antioxidant properties vital that increase the good cholesterol known as “HDL” in the blood. This cholesterol has the ability to repair the walls of blood vessels and acts as a bad cholesterol “LDL” remover. So we can relate the rooibos tea consumption as a regulator of cholesterol levels and a great enhancer heart health.

4. It is anti-inflammatory and diuretic

One of the immense benefits of rooibos tea relate to your Unmatched antioxidant contentwhich confer great therapeutic benefits. In principle they are related to his anti-inflammatory powerwhich is very helpful for purify the body and fight the famous fluid retention How is it related to being overweight? That is why rooibos tea benefits weight loss through its diuretic power and a magnificent natural detoxifier. Also these antioxidants clean up free radicals harmful that can damage cells, in fact there is a research work that associates the consumption of rooibos tea with qualities for regulate glutathione metabolism in the body. More powerful than any other antioxidant, it has been shown to glutathione protects against inflammation, toxins, free radicals and pathogens.