Willie Nelson will have an evening at his ranch where native cuisine will be celebrated

Next Wednesday, March 15, Luck Presents: Potluck 2023 – Three Sisters will take place at Willie Nelson’s Texas ranchan event in which different chefs present themselves with a menu in which three most prominent crops are celebrated in indigenous cuisine.

The seats for dinner at the ranch of the renowned country singer have a cost and the proceeds go to different organizations.

According to Food and Wine, Willie Nelson hosted his first Luck Reunion at his ranch near Austin in 2012.

At the next annual meeting, the main foods are climbing beans, corn and squash. On the list of chefs to participate are Crystal Wahpepah, a member of the Kickapoo Nation who runs Wahpepah’s Kitchen in Oakland, California; British Reed; and Sewa Yuli from I-Collective. It also has the endorsement of celebrity chefs like Rick Bayless and Michel Nischan.

Welcome appetizers and cocktails will be presented by the Texas Food And Wine Alliance with chefs Edgar Rico of Nixta Taquería and Mariela Camacho of Comadre Panaderia.

Once attendees have enjoyed their dinner they will also witness an intimate performance by Nelson on stage.

Fewer than 300 guests are contemplated to attend the Three Sisters event. Proceeds will benefit the Luck Family Foundation, which in turn contributes to Farm Aid, The Texas Food & Wine Alliance and the Wholesome Wave.

Individual $750 seats can be purchased through the Luck Reunion website. The event also features VIP tables for eight guests ($7,500) and half tables for four guests ($4,000), which are already sold out, but you have the option to sign up for a waiting list.

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