Your identity is your greatest power

There was a time when I used to think that my personal life was an obstacle to my professional success. I blindly insisted on not only working tirelessly for years to develop my career as a communicator, but I also insisted on keeping my personal life separate from my work as a journalist. And I failed miserably in the attempt.
Don’t get me wrong: I do believe that there should be limits between one space and the other, not only to avoid getting burned, but because it is a way of protecting the different relationships that we generate in both stages of our lives, especially in these times when Thanks to technology, the lines between work and home life seem blurry.
What I mean is that we cannot separate who we are in any of these circles, because simply and simply we cannot divide our personality. The fact that our work requires more formal behavior than what we would have with our friends does not mean that we should be two different people, because we would be vilely lying to each other.
Unless you have a mental health condition, you are who you are wherever you are, even if your mood is sometimes down or, on the contrary; more lively. The difference is in understanding that strong identities, which are quite common within leadership, are also characterized by showing up in the same way outside the office.
Having a consolidated identity outside the company can increase confidence and resilience in your work. In fact, according to researchers at Stanford University, your hobbies, sports teams you follow or artists that inspire you, your leisure time, your friends and loved ones; They can become a huge mattress that will allow you to resist work stress.
According to the data revealed by this study, those who participated in it showed that all the activities they carried out outside their professional world helped them understand that their self-esteem did not depend on any negative situation in particular or on any criticism they had received while exercising their skills. work, because they were self-confident enough not to take things personally.
Let’s learn to see the time dedicated to personal life as an investment in ourselves, and not as a distraction from work, because therein lies our individual strength.
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